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Eric Beitz shows great resilience as he moves to 2-0 at AOW 24

Video interview with Eric Beitz above

Eric Beitz had his second career appearance as a mixed martial artist at Art of War Cage Fighting 24, and anyone watching, learned a lot about this young, aspiring professional prospect.  Beitz got rocked by a hook from Benjamin Sullivan less than ten seconds into the fight. I was commentating for the event along with Patrick “the Brick” Brady and AOW matchmaker Jillian Peterson. We all thought the fight was over, but Beitz showed how tough he was by recovering and going on to dominate the second and third rounds to take home a unanimous decision victory.

MyMMANews caught up with the young fighter to ask him about his performance and how he became involved in the sport.  Beitz tells us…

“Growing up, I became a fan of the UFC.  I just loved all of the different aspects of the sport.  In high school, some friends convinced me to go out for the wrestling team when I was a senior.  I really liked it and wanted to get back on the mat and compete as soon as possible and that brought me to MPR Endurance and MMA about four years ago and I’ve been training ever since.   As far as that opening hook from Sullivan, I have been hit harder in the gym, but I felt like I sleepwalked there in the beginning and that kind of woke me up.”

You can see our full interview on the link above.

Beitz not only showed heart and resiliency in the fight, but also just to get in there as he went up a weight-class so he would have a bout. He competed at 142 pounds, but says his future is at 135.  He also has been mixing up his classes at MPR who are located in Langhorne, PA and is the USA Sambo National Training Center.  Beitz said the Sambo training has been beneficial.

Stay right here at MyMMANews for future fight news from Beitz and his teammates as Pennsylvania MMA continues to thrive and produce high quality MMA competitors.

Below photos by William McKee for Art of War Cage Fighting

Eric Beitz, Art of War Cage Fighting, Art of War 24

Eric Beitz, Art of War Cage Fighting, Art of War 24

Eric Beitz, Art of War Cage Fighting, Art of War 24

Eric Beitz, Art of War Cage Fighting, Art of War 24

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