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Erin Harpe - Photo by Dave Mandel for Invicta FC

Erin Harpe Talks About Her Win From Invicta FC 36

Erin Harpe (2-0) made her debut at Invicta FC 36 when she won a split decision victory over Auttumn Norton. While the fight went the distance, Harpe showed she’s right where she should be in the sport of mixed martial arts by fighting Norton the way she did. While Norton did give Harpe trouble to convince one of the judges to see it for Norton.

The knockdown that happened that may have worked against her, likely happened when her Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training kicked in. “I was pretty sure I had rounds one and three,” Harpe said of the fight, but the punch that came after the bell in round two it was more instinct to roll with it than take damage. “That punch after the bell, of course, made my jiu-jitsu instincts does a back roll to wind up back on my feet,” Harpe recalled humorously of the fight.

Harpe has been involved in martial arts her whole life and is a four-stripe brown belt under Royce Gracie. When Harpe starting fighting, she was a purple belt as an amateur and only got better as time went on. Coming in as a brown belt will likely have fans seeing some interesting grappling from Harpe in the future. For her next few fights, that future is with Invicta FC.

When asked if Invicta FC was interested in having her fight again, Harpe told the Coast-2-Coast Combat Hour that she had signed for a three-fight contract. By now, fans are well aware of how the UFC funnels a lot of their female talent from Invicta FC and the contract signing along with her undefeated record out her on the right path to do great things in MMA.

The UFC like other promotions know to pull talent from the local area they’re holding an event in and with the promotion coming to Tampa soon, Harpe says if the UFC calls she would jump at the opportunity.

Erin Harpe - Photo by Dave Mandel for Invicta FC
Erin Harpe 8211 Photo by Dave Mandel for Invicta FC

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