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Former paratrooper, Cameron Else says Kyler Phillips: “Not going to break me” at UFC on ESPN 16

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Making his UFC debut on just a week’s notice is a welcomed challenge for Cameron Else, a former paratrooper in the British Army.

The 29-year-old’s six-straight first-round stoppages earned him a spot inside the octagon against Kyler Phillips at UFC on ESPN 16 on Saturday, Oct. 3. He is a late replacement for Danaa Batgerel, who withdrew due to travel issues. 

If he can have it his way, Else wants a three-round bloody affair that will earn him and his opponent a “Fight of the Night” bonus. His “Get it done” mentality stems from his days as a paratrooper.

Else joined the British Army at 16 years old and served for four years. From there, he adopted mixed martial arts and pursued his career of being a professional fighter. 

“It put the right arrogance in me. Everyone should have a bit of arrogance in them and my arrogance is I want to be the best,” Else said. 

“I say I’m untouchable, but you can touch me, you can land shots on me, but you’re not going to break me inside. I will keep coming forward until I’m snoring, that’s it.”

Else seeks bloody affair with Phillips

Else’s record only backs up his statement. All ten of his victories are first-round finishes and he’s only gone to a decision once. Else is on a six-fight win streak against opponents with a combined record of 8-16. 

The 29-year-old is looking forward to proving himself against Phillips, who is a Dana White’s Contender Series and “The Ultimate Fighter” season 27 veteran. Phillips is also coming off a “Fight of the Night” bonus in a unanimous-decision win against Gabriel Silva in his UFC debut  back in February.

“I was buzzed he got ‘Fight of the Night,’ because that tells me that if it goes three rounds, at least we both know we’re getting 50 G’s in the bank,” Else said. “If I have my way, honestly, I would like a three round war. I want my blood trickling down my face, I want to see his blood trickling down his face and I will point at him and tell him to get in the middle of that canvas and let’s [expletive] throw these blows.”

In an interview with MyMMANews, Else talked about wishing he was a 1920’s mafia member, Boston accents and his long journey to his UFC debut. You can see the full interview in the video above.

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