Gabby Giordano talks upcoming grappling event; plans on fighting for Maverick MMA soon

Gabby Giordano is ready for her MMA return and she’s hoping to do that this summer.

Originally, the plan was for Giordano to compete at Maverick MMA 23 on June 10 alongside her teammate Hunter May, who will be fighting for the Maverick amateur welterweight title on that card.

Unfortunately, things didn’t play out the way she was hoping, but instead Giordano found away to stay busy.

In July, Giordano will travel five hours from Scranton, Pa. to the steel city of Pittsburgh to compete in a grappling competition.

Getting back into the competitive world of martial arts excites Giordano and the grappling competition is serving as a placeholder ahead of her MMA return.

In August, Maverick MMA will return to the Wind Creek Casino in Bethlehem, Pa. and Giordano is dead set on getting on that card.

Right now, she has been in contact with promotion and all roads are leading towards an August return.

Once that return happens, Giordano will be dialed in on returning to the win column.

In her past two fight, Giordano came up short, but those losses haven’t had a bad impact on her.

Instead, Giordano did what all great fighters do throughout their careers, especially in their amateur careers like she is currently in, as she immediately corrected the mistakes.

After making the few corrections to her game, Giordano feels confident in not only getting a win, but she’s looking to change weight classes as well.

Previously, she fought at lightweight, but Giordano feels like she’s ready to make the move down to the featherweight limit, so you can expect to see that move soon.

In the meantime, Giordano is staying sharpe in the gym as she is embracing some new changes to her home training location.

Previously, Giordano represented Scranton MMA and Wilkes-Barre MMA, but now Giordano and her teammates opened a brand new location called Good Tree MMA.

The new gym will team up with Wilkes-Barre MMA and will be a huge part of her training and the growth of the sport throughout northeastern Pennsylvania.

Ahead of her MMA return, Giordano spoke with MyMMANews about her grappling competition, coming off back-to-back losses, her college basketball career and the gym changes.

You can watch her full interview in the video above.

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