Hunter May discusses upcoming title fight at Maverick MMA 23

Hunter May is all set for his next fight and the fight will mark a huge opportunity for himself and his gym.

Fresh off his huge KO win at Maverick MMA 22, May was almost immediately offered another fight.

He wanted to accept the offer right away, but he knew the right thing to do was to sit down with his coaches and discuss things over.

That discussion went as smooth as possible and all parties agreed, it was time to accept the fight and the massive prize it presents.

At Maverick MMA 23 on June 10, May will return to the cage to take on Isaac Kent for the Maverick MMA amateur welterweight title.

A win in this fight will give May a nice championship belt to bring home and add to his gym’s recent success.

The fight will come with some new territory for May as the title fight will present a few new rules that weren’t in his first few amateur fights, but that adjustment has been going well and May feels more than ready for those challenges.

One thing that won’t change for the fight is the venue.

The Wind Creek Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, will host the Maverick MMA 23 event and that was also the site for May’s last fight.

The venue received great reviews from fighters and fans and May is happy the event is at Wind Creek again as he feels comfortable fighting there.

While that comfort level is there and May’s preparation has been on point, there has been some new changes ahead of the fight.

Previously, May represented Scranton MMA and Wilkes-Barre MMA. Now Scranton MMA is no longer in the cards for May and his teammates. Instead, the team has opened a new gym in Dunmore, Pennsylvania called Good Tree MMA.

The new gym is paired up with Wilkes-Barre MMA and while there is still some reconstruction going on at the new location, there is a ton of space and once it is finished, it will be a huge addition for the team and anyone looking to take up the sport in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Ahead of Maverick MMA 23, May spoke with MyMMANews from the Good Tree MMA to discuss his title fight, what it would mean to win the title, and the changes to the gym he trains at.

You can watch his full interview in the video above.

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John Eric Poli