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GCW Promotions “Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport II” Results

GCW hosts the third installment of their ever-growing popular fight series ” Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport II,” September 14 from the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Josh Barnett: Bloodsport II will stream live on FITE at 4 pm PST /7 PM EST. The event’s headline attraction features UFC/ Pride FC veteran, Josh Barnett taking on captivating Indy Wrestling star, Chris Dickinson. The remaining card features top athletes from Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts, all aiming to showcase their skills and come out victorious on the Kumite style platform.

Josh Barnett’s:  Bloodsport II Results

Main Card:

Josh Barnett vs. Chris Dickinson

Both competitors start in a clinch position, each sneaking in their share of knees and elbows. The main event titans take their battle to the ground. Barnett fires a four-hit strike combo from inside of Dickison’s guard. Dickinson would later reverse the position. As the fight wages on, Barnett continues his G & P routine, as it opens up the opportunity for an armbar attempt, that Dickinson later escapes. The later sector of the match featured a back and forth battle with Barnett having a slight advantage thanks in part to his takedowns and ground control. The concluding moments of the game, it would be a combination powerbomb, knee strikes, and head kick that knockout Dickison, as The War Master Barnett emerges victorious.

Josh Barnett defeats Chris Dickinson by Knockout ( Head Kick)


Kevin “Killer” Kross vs. Nick Gage

Right as the bell rings, Gage runs with a fury jumping on Kross, as Kross quickly counters with a Bodyslam transitioning to the mount position. Gage does a mount escape, going on the offense raining punches onto Kross. Kross recounter, as he finds himself back in the mount position. Later, Kross establishes side control transitioning to a cross ankle lock/ heel hook position. While Gage makes a “hand gesture” letting him know, is that all you got? As the fight restarts from the standing, Gage connects with a headbutt dropping Kross, as Gage follows through attacking his opponent on the ground. Its seems that no matter what Kross throws, Gage is unfazed by his opponent’s onslaught. However, Gage’s offense wouldn’t last long. Recuperating from Gage’s assault, Kross secure an RNC. Gage being the competitor he is refuses to tap to the submission, as he slips into a state of unconsciousness forcing the referee to step in to stop the fight.

Kevin “Killer” Kross defeats Nick Gage by Submission (rear-naked Choke)


Tom Lawlor vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

After a brief light striking exchange, both men take the battle to the ground each fluidly countering each other wrestling control and submission attempts. Later, while Smith plays his butterfly guard, Lawler backsteps for a kimura attempt. Smith then escape finding himself on top, while Lawlor is on the defensive using an open guard to keep Smith at bay. The battle continues with each man dishing out their share of submission attempts and strikes on the mat. A highlight moment of the round featured Tom securing Smith’s back to sink in the Choke. Smith counters with a running power slam, paying homage to his dad, The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith Sr. After a heated exchange of strikes later in the bout between the two competitors, it would be a thunderous powerbomb executed by Smith to knock out Tom Lawlor giving him the victory.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeats Tom Lawlor by Knockout (Sitout Liger Powerbomb)


Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Timothy Thatcher

Minowa comes out with a dropkick that lands on Thatcher. Making a comeback, Thatcher grounds his opponent displaying his offensive attack of a half Boston crab and ankle locks. The battle goes back to standing. Thatcher connects with a beautiful European uppercut, followed by a bodyslam unto Minowa continuing his offense with a rear chin lock. Minowa fights back, trying to establish dominate control with a rear headlock. As the fight continues, Minowa executes a cross straight ankle lock, while Thatcher fights through the pain with both competitors in an intense staredown in that dangerous position. Thatcher escapes, transitioning from side control to the mount, as he rains down strikes to Minowa. Minowa escapes, as he gives Thatcher a taste of top mount strike action. The match continues with Minowa landing a rolling kick progressing to an armbar, only to be countered by Thatcher with an armbar following up with a kneebar attempt. Continuing his attack, Thatcher grapevines his opponent leg, which allowed him to grab Minowa’s neck, cranking it backward. The submission forces Minowa to tap, giving the victory in favor of Thatcher.

Timothy Thatcher defeats Ikuhisa Minowa by Submission ( Cross Face Neck Crank)


Allysin Kay vs. Nicole Savoy

Both women start light kicks and punches. Throughout the battle, Kay tries for various Iminari Roll Leglock transitions with Savoy escaping each attempt. Savoy and Kay are well-skilled submission grapplers, each showcasing well-planned submissions attempts and reversals. As the match sways back and forth favoring both competitors, Savoy looked to have gained the upper hand with a closed guard armbar to omoplata. However, Kay escapes the hold. Allysin Kay is then able to lock in a Crucifix, as she follows up with elbow strikes unto Savoy forcing the referee to stop the fight giving Kay the victory.

Allysin Kay defeats Nicole Savoy by Knockout ( Elbow Strikes  )


Anthony Carelli vs. Simon Grimm

Crowd Favorite, Carelli uses his world-class Judo throws and armbar transitions to control the majority of the battle. While Grimm frustrates Carelli with a series of leglock attempts and strikes, it would be a one-arm shoulder throw transition to an armbar to end Grimm’s night.

Anthony Carelli defeats Simon Grimm by Submission (Armbar)

JR Kratos vs. Erik Hammer

The bout mostly showcases Hammer dominating the fight with brilliant takedowns and controlling the ground with armbar and kneebar attempts. After a furious exchange of chops, elbows, and cross punches between the two competitors, Hammer once again swings the fight back in his favor taking his opponent to the ground. Kratos gains a brief advantage with two suplexes on Hammer. However, Hammer rebounds taking his opponent down once more to secure a head/arm chock from side control, forcing Kratos to tap out.

Erik Hammer defeats JR Kratos by Submission (Head and Arm Choke from side control)

Zachary Wentz vs. Anthony Henry

Wentz comes out with a flying knee followed by a german suplex that stuns Henry. Henry quickly recovers, as both men continuing their battle to the ground, each looking for dominate control. Both men seem evenly matched on the ground with their impressive exchange of submission attempts. Always exciting Wentz goes for a flying Guilotnee, Henry counters with a forward roll placing him in the mount position. The fight returns to the standing position. Wentz drops Henry with a cross punch. Running toward his opponent for the kill with a diving punch to the ground, Henry lands a triangle choke. Now in a dominate position, Henry goes for a mounted triangle, extending Wentz’s arms forcing him to tap.

Anthony Henry defeats Zachary Wentz by Submission ( Mounted Triangle Armbar)

Preliminary Card:

Sumie Sakai vs. Lindsay Snow

The first women competitors to battle on the Bloodsport card, as each competitor looks to show why they belong. Both women showcase great submission grappling skills, with Sakai utilizing her butterfly guard to execute amazing sweeps and stunning submission attempts. Lindsay Snow was not backing down, answering back with a brainbuster Superplex and strikes from the top. Sakai’s submission grappling proves to be a significant factor in the match, as she is able to secure an armbar later in the bout forcing Snow to tap.

Sumie Sakai defeats Lindsay Snow by Submission (Armbar)

Matt Makowski vs. Rory Gulak

Both men start off trading fisticuffs. Gulak controls most of the match utilizing his wrestling to dominate Makowski. During the ground exchange, Makowski hunts for submissions, as Gulak escapes each attempt quickly. Later, Makowski retaliates with his offense of a double leg takedown, followed by a dazzling standing Moonsault. As the fight transitions back to standing, Makowski lands a head kick that drops Gulak, forcing the referee to stop the match.

Matt Makowski defeats Rory Gulak by Knockout (Head Kick)

Andy Williams vs. Chris Dickinson

Both men come out the gates in a furious slap boxing exchange. Andy Williams gains an advantage with a powerbomb, as both men transition to the ground. As the match progress, both men wrestle for top control in a seesaw battle, stunning each other with slaps and knees to the side of the ribs. Dickinson would later gain the advantage over his opponent, as he secures back control, locking in an RNC forcing Williams to tap.

Chris Dickinson defeats Andy Williams by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)


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