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George and Harry Hardwick Interview : “The Hardwick Brothers of Bellator”

You have heard of the Diaz brothers, the Edwards brothers, and now Bellator welcomes the next up and coming professional MMA fighters, George and Harry Hardwick.

I was lucky enough to chat to both of these incredible talents on the Chris Allen MMA Show and one topic I wanted to discuss was how their parents and family felt bout both brothers both entering the world of mixed martial arts?

“The other brother doesn’t fight, we have an older brother who doesn’t but they are glad we are doing well now. I think it is the first point in our career where we can go look how much we are getting paid and they were like, oh alright this now makes sense what they are doing. I think they can understand it more now that we are not fighting in rinky dink social clubs and all that.”

George and Harry Hardwick Interview

Both fighters have produced excellent performances in their debuts taking on tough opposition to get their journey within Bellator started. Harry was first up at the end of 2019 taking on the super talented Nathan “The Black” Rose. Harry put on a fantastic display overcoming adversity at times to win the bout via majority decision. Harry received a nasty cut halfway through the matchup leaving his corner very worried that the fight would be stopped, however, Harry showed his toughness by continuing to push forward and keep constant pressure.

“It was a fight where I knew I had to tools to beat him, I knew I had the style to make this a horrendous fight for him. I knew if the fight was hard he wouldn’t be able to keep up with what I was doing so I just went at him. When you have someone explosive in front of you, you can try to avoid the problem which means they will be explosive and powerful the whole time or you can just go at them and take the problem away.”

For George, he had to travel a bit further to commence his Bellator career. George headed to Dublin to take on local fan favourite Richard Kiely who was coming off a loss to Michael “Venom” Page. Not only was George on enemy territory, he was also fighting at a heavier weight than he usually prefers with Kiely weighing in five pounds heavier in this contract catchweight fight. George did not let this phase him whatsoever as he was confident in his skills and technique to finish the fight as well as claiming 20% of his opponents’ purse. George proved he belongs to be competing with this level of competition by finishing the fight via second round submission.

Both brothers displayed the perfect start to their Bellator careers, and I personally cannot wait to see what these two bring in the future.

Click above for the full video interview with George and Harry Hardwick.

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