Gina Carano appears on Arsenio Hall – Coming Back?

Ever since Ronda Rousey made quick work of Sara McMann at UFC 170 there has been speculation that the only logical matchup for the women’s bantamweight champion would be the former face of female mixed martial arts, Gina Carano.

UFC President Dana White has said that Carano is still under contract with Zuffa, the parent organization of the UFC.  Zuffa purchased Strikeforce several years ago and along with the buy came a roster of fighters still associated by contract.  Carano was one of them.

Although Carano has not fought since 2009, the internet has been flooded with talks of Rousey vs. Carano, and although several sites broke a story confirming that the fight had been scheduled it actually turned out just to be an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke.  Now the talk may no longer be just talk or a prank, as Carano appeared on last night’s airing of the Arsenio Hall Show.

“I’m actually sitting down with him (Dana White) next week,” Carano said.

“You know I love it.  It’s something I can do that makes everything else disappear and I dream about it.  I just didn’t know if I was ever going to get placed with the opportunity to make a comeback.  So, I’m either gonna do it now or I’m going to retire and just say I’m never gonna do it.  So, now’s the moment.”


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