Glenn Sparv, Australian Fighting Championship

Glenn Sparv – It looks like a good matchup for me

Quite possibly the most dangerous Middleweight in Australasia right now, Glenn Sparv has his sights sets on Stu Dare and more specifically the AFC Middleweight Title. Having recently obtained Middleweight Gold in Asia after arguably a career best performance, Sparv is preparing for a trip to Perth and a date with the Tumbleweed.

The AFC is a familiar stomping ground for the Finland native, whom completely dismantled Japanese legend Yuki Sasaki back at AFC 18 in China. Despite incurring significant injuries pre-fight, Sparv seemingly walked right through his more experienced opponent and at the same time, put the AFC Middleweight Division on notice:

“It’s never “easily” I came into that fight well prepared or as good as possible, I torn my MCL, PCL and meniscus just 4 weeks out from it, had staph infection on the week of the fight so it wasn’t an ideal situation but I made the most of it and got a win.  Fighting in China is always awesome, I have been there 5 times now and the crowd is great”

Glenn’s modesty is definitely apparent, and since the Sasaki fight he has grown in leaps and bounds including aligning himself with a world class fight team, and of course capturing international MMA Gold.

“I have been developing a lot last year, I joined Tiger Muay Thai beginning of last year and since then it’s been nothing but good for me. Every fight gives you more experience and I get to carry that on to the next”

Glenn’s return fight to the AFC will see him take on the rugged Stu Dare in a bout that will decide the AFC Middleweight Champion after Israel Adesanya’s call up to the UFC. Stu has been a perennial top 3 guy for some time now and will no doubt prove to be a huge challenge for Sparv, however the Teddy Bear isn’t looking into it too much and favours the matchup:

“Yeah looking forward to it, haven’t really done that much research on him but the little that I know it looks like a good matchup for me”

If you take a good look at some of Stu’s previous fights, you’ll see that he’s a real grinder that relentlessly pursues the takedown before beating his opponents into the canvas! Intimidating for some; not the case for Sparv who feels there is little chance of this happening come March 17:

“LOL. Yeah mate whatever, just not happening with me”

Based on the little that Sparv knows about his upcoming opponent, he sees no real areas of concern and believes he’ll have Stu covered all over the cage:

“Everywhere. I’m gonna come in and do my thing and that’s my advantage”

With just under 5 weeks until the Title Fight, Sparv is deep into his training camp refining his game in preparation for title glory on March 17. World class teams spawn world class fighters, and that is exactly the position Sparv finds himself in:

“Training at Tiger Muay Thai with head coach George Hickman. Training partners…? We got 50 people on the mats in pro class, UFC / Bellator guys, bunch of f’n beast there!”

The Middleweight Title fight will take place as part of the AFC’s first venture to Perth, a venture that promises to bring new and exciting opportunities for both domestic and international fighters. As the AFC continues to lead the way in this space, Sparv is happy to go along for the ride and do his part to assist in the expansion:

“I’m really happy to come to Perth, I’ve been there twice before and it have been nothing but good. Perth is the capital of Australia for me. Haha!!”

So in a career that has generated significant success; and with a future that no doubt holds ultimate success, the next step along that journey is for Glenn to have AFC Gold wrapped tightly around his waist. Come March 17 he’ll get that opportunity, and only time will tell if it will come to fruition, however from Glenn’s perspective he can feel that belt already:

“There is no words that can describe that feeling. My reactions when that belt is strapped on me the 17th December will speak for itself”

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