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GrappleFest 7

GrappleFest 7 Live Results

Figure 4 Promotions has returned with another BIG GrappleFest!

The GrappleFest 7 card in November 23rd is absolutley stacked. The card features BIG names like Craig Jones, Adam Wardzinski, Jason Rau, the Ruotolo twins, Dante Leon, and many more.

You don’t want to miss this night of great grappling!

When: November 23, 2019. 11A.M EST.

Where: Fusion 17-21 Fleet Street, Liverpool L1 4AR United Kingdom.

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GrappleFest 7 results below:

SUPERFIGHTS 15min. Matches:

Craig Jones (Absolute MMA/Renzo Gracie) vs. Adam Wardzinski (Checkmat) u100kgs Title Fight: Craig Jones winner by Reverse Triangle.

Dante Leon (GF Team) vs. Marcio Andre (Nova Uniao) u85kg: Dante Leon winner by Unanimous Decision.Tye Ruotolo (Atos) vs. Tom Halpin (Fight Sports) u73kgs: Tye Ruotolo winner by Unanimous Decision.

Kade Ruotolo (Atos) vs. Jeremy Skinner (Absolute MMA) u70kgs: Kade Ruotolo winner by Darce Choke.

MAIN CARD 10min. Matches:

Lloyd Cooper (Gripper BJJ) vs. Marcos Nardini (Checkmat) u80kgs: Lloyd Cooper winner by Heel Hook.

Andy Clamp (Blackledge MMA) vs. Tom Breese (Renegade) u100kgs: Tom Breese winner by Heel Hook.

Molly McCann (Next Gen) vs. Abbie O’Toole (Mill Hill) u65kgs: Molly McCann winner by Unanimous Decision

Lee Chadwick (ASW) vs. Rob Platt (McGovern BJJ) 105kgs: Lee Chadwick winner by Heel Hook.

Lukasz Baranowski (Factory) vs. Mark Lindars (Stealth) u80kgs: Lukasz Baranowski winner by Heel Hook.

Ellis Younger (ECJJ) vs. Jed Hue (Gym box) u80kgs: Jed Hue winner by Unanimous Decision.

Harry McKnight (Next Gen) vs. Ryan McCartney (Renzo Gracie) u75kgs: Harry McKnight winner by Kneebar.

James Walters (Absolute MMA) vs. Ben Hills (Next Gen) u90kgs: Ben Hills winner by Guillotine.

Kev Corkhill (Gordo JJ) vs. Jack Sear (10thP) u70kgs: Jack Sear winner by Unanimous Decision.

UNDERCARD 10min. Matches:

Adam Jones (M16) vs. Ste Henshall (Aspinall BJJ) u95kgs: Ste Henshall winner by Rear Naked Choke.

Ciaran Brohan (T45JJ) vs. Danny Hughes (Game Fight BJJ) u70kgs: Danny Hughes winner by Split Decision

James Duckett (SBG) vs. Radek Romanek (LBJJ) u85kgs: James Duckett winner by Heel Hook.

Emil Malczewski (Stealth) vs. Ollie Bates (Gripper BJJ) u70kgs: Ollie Bates winner by Heel Hook.

Simon Price (ASW) vs. Mike Peacock (ARBJJ) u100kgs: Simon Price winner by Heel Hook.

Sam Quinn (Stealth) vs. Josh Roberts (Sukata) u85kgs: Josh Roberts winner by Armbar.

Mick Stanton (ASW) vs. Andy Walsh (Game Fight BJJ) u100kgs: Mick Stanton winner by Unanimous Decision.

John Moffatt (MMA Academy) vs. Kaya Rudolph (Absolute MMA) u80kgs: Kaya Rudolph winner by Rear Naked Choke.

Shane Curtis (Notts MMA) vs. Jaye Paul (MMA Clinic) u80kgs: Shane Curtis winner by Heel Hook.

Ste Bowie (Combat Base) vs. Rodrigo Silva (Sukata) u70kgs: Rodrigo Silva winner by Unanimous Decision.

James Close (ASW) vs. Henry Hallette (Fighting Fit) u83kgs. Henry Hallette winner by Unanimous Decision.

Andrew Hardwick (Sukata) vs. Callum Rawson (Combat Base) u85kgs: Andrew Hardwick winner by Heel Hook.

Aaron Pierre (Stealth) vs. Aidan Pinder (Redcar BJJ) u80kgs: Aaron Pierre winner by Heel Hook.

Lee Herbert (Stealth) vs. Jamie Hay (Rio Grappling Club) u70kgs: Lee Herbert winner by Heel Hook.

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