Happy Easter: Five Fighters Who Laid An Egg In Title Fights

Happy Easter, everyone! Today’s a great day with the kids and family spending time eating, having fun, and even more relevant, Easter egg hunting. Today, we’re going to dive in and talk about the fights nobody talks about. Here are five recent times a fighter laid an egg in a UFC title fight.

Tyron Woodley Loses To Kamaru Usman

This one was a complete domination by the challenger. Kamaru Usman came in to capture the title and Tyron Woodley completely laid an egg defending his title. Woodley had nothing for Usman’s wrestling and struggled by losing five rounds. Woodley continued to lay eggs, albeit not in title fights, losing 16 more rounds straight.

Weather it’s a testament to Kamaru Usman or Tyron Woodley fighting bad is open to interpretation. But, one thing remains sure, Woodley had a stinker of a fight that marked the downfall of his career.

Petr Yan loses to Aljamain Sterling

This one is an odd ball of a fight. Sterling came out on fire with a lot of pressure but faded to the defending champion. Yan started to take over the fight and looked to be cruising on the way to a victory. Then, late in the fourth round, Petr Yan knees Sterling while he’s downed, becoming the first time a belt has changed hands in the UFC via disqualification.

Sterling is now the champion and has embraced the heel role and spoiler of Petr Yan’s title reign. The kneeing of a downed opponent, even when the referee says “don’t knee him, he’s down,” is completely a laid an egg moment. The rematch isn’t set but hopefully the second fight doesn’t end up as controversial as the first.

Yoel Romero loses to Israel Adesanya

This one was supposed to be a banger. After Zhang and Jedrzejczyk went to war, fans were teeming with excitement about Romero and Adesanya. Then Yoel Romero laid an egg. Romero is a banger and always brought the fight. After his two fights with Robert Whittaker for the title which were instant classics, this one should have been a slug fest.

Then, the bell ring and Yoel Romero just stood there. He looked at Israel Adesanya for five rounds and garnered boos from the crowd. What was supposed to be a slugfest turned out to be a snooze fest and wasn’t even fun.

Felicia Spencer Laid An Egg Against Amanda Nunes

This fight was a mismatch from the jump. But, who can blame her? Amanda Nunes is one of the most dominant champs in UFC history. Felicia Spencer really didn’t stand a chance against The Lioness and had me literally wincing at the amount of damage she was taking in the fight.

145 isn’t even Nunes’ proper weight class. But regardless, it was an ugly performance on Spencer’s part and really showcased how much better Nunes was over anyone else in either division she reigned in.

Jorge Masvidal loses to Kamaru Usman

Well, well, well. If it isn’t Kamaru Usman again. Maybe it wasn’t all Woodley’s fault for the aborrhent fight. This one was just as bad. Kamaru Usman took on Jorge Masvidal on six days notice. Masvidal had the hype coming into the fight and people foolishly saw him as the next champion. But, instead we got a 50-45 performance that saw Usman lean on Masvidal and stomp his foot for five rounds.

Masvidal came out with excuses about how he took the fight on short notice and had to cut weight when photos of him went around fight week of him with a pizza. But regardless of how much Masvidal laid an egg in this fight, we’re getting treated to a second fight between Masvidal and Usaman at UFC 261.

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