CBD, How CBDfx Muscle Balm Saved an MMA Fighter’s Life

How CBDfx Muscle Balm Saved an MMA Fighter’s Life

As an MMA fighter, I know firsthand how bad it hurts to fight whether you win or lose. The pain doesn’t matter, but it can decrease your ability to perform over time.

Like many other fighters, I’ve looked into CBD as a tool for helping me recover and heal. Mixed martial arts is all about exploring your fullest potential, but my injuries from other disciplines are still with me all these years. CBD has helped me get over my pain and recover from doing what I love most, and the best CBD product I’ve come across for recovery is CBDfx Muscle Balm.

How does CBD balm help with MMA?

While it’s mainly an American craze, people all over the world want CBD. Fighters keep in touch across national boundaries on a regular basis, and I’ve personally experienced the groundswell of interest in CBD that is spreading across the globe.

Fighting is what I live for, but I work a desk job. Just like any other cubicle-ite, the strain on my shoulders and neck stays with me all through the day and night. I don’t like it when I carry this strain to the gym since it interferes with my performance. Since I know I’ll never get enough time in the day to give my body the rest it really needs, I turn to CBDfx hemp balm for relief.

What is CBD balm?

There’s a lot of confusing terminology in the CBD market, but in most cases, “balm” refers to a topical product that’s oil-based. Balms spread on smoothly, and examples of balm bases include vegetable oils, fats, or even synthetic substances.

I like to stick with natural and organic whenever I can, and that’s the primary reason CBDfx originally stood out to me. There are so many CBD companies out there with shady marketing language and very little information on their actual products, so I wanted to work with a company I was sure I could trust.

CBDfx has never disappointed me once. From my first order at cbdfx.com to my now-routine recurring monthly reorders, this brand has been there to help me with my CBD journey at every step of the way. Their customer service is excellent, and there’s plenty of educational information on the CBDfx website. Best of all, however, this brand’s products are organic and natural, and CBDfx provides batch-specific lab testing for all of its products.

Why is CBD topical administration best for MMA?

There are lots of ways to use CBD, and I encourage you to try them all. Putting CBD-rich hemp oil under your tongue, for instance, is a great way to feel immediate effects as well as long-lasting benefits. Swallowing CBD capsules is also a great way to get this cannabinoid into your system, but for fighters, there’s nothing better than topical administration.

While water-based topicals absorb more widely throughout your tissues, the effects of oil-based topicals generally stay limited to the site of administration. That means the next time your sore shoulder is keeping you away from the fight, a little bit of CBDfx Muscle Balm right at the spot might be even more effective than a water-based CBD topical. You’ll even make it to work on time the next day⁠—totally refreshed.

Things I love about CBDfx muscle balm

To wrap up, here are a few of my personal favorite selling points of the CBDfx Muscle Balm:

  • 100% organic, natural, non-GMO product
  • 150mg CBD-rich hemp oil per balm
  • Boosted with jojoba oil, beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, tocopherol, peppermint oil, camphor oil, & wintergreen oil
  • Simple tin that’s easy to slip in my bag
  • Competitive price point
  • Trusted company – one of the biggest in the country!
  • Detailed, third-party lab testing for each product batch

I would trust CBDfx as a solution for my friends, family, and of course, my fellow fighters. Finding an honest CBD product is hard these days, but despite the odds, CBDfx has delivered a next-generation hemp lineup that continually blows me away. Keep heading back to cbdfx.com, and you’ll see that this brand releases new, innovative products almost every week. It’s incredible to see where CBDfx is going, and by choosing this brand’s balm, you’ll help other fighters in your network approach the wonders of CBD in the safest way possible.

CBD Muscle Balm to the rescue

Without CBD, I wouldn’t have been able to keep fighting. I live for the family I’ve found at the gym, and I want to stay in peak shape for as long as possible. The more I learn about the reported anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of CBD, the more I realize that this simple cannabinoid might be what the MMA community has been looking for all along.

CBDfx’s high-quality topical products have kept me going ever since I found them, and their new Muscle Balm offers the best relief I’ve ever experienced. Give it a shot tonight if you duked it out a little too hard with your crew after work and you’re dreading your alarm tomorrow morning.

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