How GTA 5 changed the gaming industry

GTA 5 created a full-fledged revolution in the world of the gaming industry by introducing a number of concepts that became new ideas or rethinking of old mechanics. GTA is popular not only for its storyline and the continuation of boosting in GTA online, but also for a number of unique features that you can simply enjoy.

GTA, Grand Theft Auto

Living city


Los Santos, which serves as an almost perfect recreation of Los Angeles The developers from Rockstar Games have done a lot of work so that players can fully play and complete tasks not only in a copy of the famous city, but also make it as alive as possible.

People on the streets live, communicate, drink coffee, are glued to their smartphones and communicate with the player, and even react to various events.

Due to this autonomy, comical events often occur on the roads and streets, often associated with violence, but since this is just a game, there are no problems.

For example, some driver honked at a group of Mexican musicians, and now he is being pulled out of the car to the cheerful music of cucaracha, because some of the performers continue to play.

As the time of day changes, people’s behavior will also change – in the morning there will be more cars and many residents will go to the beach, and in the evening, on the contrary, less. At night, gangs and other dangerous elements will take to the streets in the ghetto.


Lots of humor and satire


GTA has always been imbued with humor about American society and the world in general.

Due to the fact that the characters are different and live in different conditions, their humor is different.

Michael, who is the embodiment of the movie robbers of the past and is himself influenced by these films.

He will experience problems with his family, due to his criminal past, but at the same time moments will emerge that Amanda is a former stripper, Tracy wants to dance and party on a yacht with rich men, and his son has problems with excess weight and communication and all this is just because the father has a criminal past, and then as it turns out, the present too.

Franklin will live in the ghetto and associate with Lamar and similar people who do not think much about their actions and consequences and can kidnap a person from another gang, and then trade with them and be surprised that he led him into an ambush.

Being thoughtful and wanting to escape from the ghetto, drugs and the inevitable prison from such a life, Franklin is comically ridiculed and condemned by all his friends and acquaintances.

Trevor is generally a unique and brilliant character who combines absurdity, hot temper and quite good thoughtfulness and freedom of thinking, which the most advanced yogi will envy.


Player change


GTA 5 was one of the first to offer the concept of quickly changing characters without additional downloads directly during the mission.

Of course, in ordinary life it takes a little time to switch, but in general, free character replacement is a fairly new concept for the gaming industry.

If you want to change your hero to a character from the online version and continue your boosting in GTA 5, then simply click on the empty space at the bottom of the hero switching menu.

Online mode


GTA 5 offered one of the best concepts for an online game for everyone, and the main proof of this is more than 10 years of active boosting in GTA online among millions of players.

The secret of popularity is simple – hundreds of fun and serious activities, including robberies and clearing bases, races and even custom scenarios that players organize themselves, like role-playing servers.

The online format essentially continues the storyline, but in the role of your own character, where you will meet most of the secondary characters, which is why it is always advised to complete the storyline first. This way, your boosting in GTA V will be more understandable and complete.

One of the most interesting formats for single players is creating and developing a business.

You can buy a bunker and produce weapons in it, buy a nightclub and sell drugs, buy a warehouse and trade cargo or cars of varying value.

To play with friends, it is better to choose the heist format, or something more fun and sessional – races, assaults, team-versus-team battles.

Simply complete tasks to obtain goods or raw materials and use them to start production, or sell them to new customers and accumulate money in GTA 5.

In any case, you need to accumulate experience and boosting in GTA V in order to open access to the purchase of new vehicles, weapons and accessories for them, and of course apartments, without which you will not be able to organize robberies of Lester and other characters.


Robberies like in the movies


If the plot part of GTA introduces players to the heist system and offers 6 different raids with an interesting plot and outcome, then the online mode only develops it.

Many tasks await you, which are often designed for the participation of at least two players, but you can also complete them with four players, and some robberies can even be completed alone.


Raid on a provincial bank


Your first heist is designed for two players and will begin after purchasing an office in the city center after a call from Lester.

You will be asked to go on reconnaissance and practice hacking the alarm system.

Then you will go to get a vehicle for escape and instead of buying and tuning, it was decided to steal it from the gang, in order to take traces away from you in case of an investigation.

The main stage will pass quickly – you reach the goal, hack the alarm, drill the cells and get away from the police and that’s it – the first money and a cheap boost in GTA 5 is already yours.


Cayo Perico Robbery


Make a raid on the drug lord’s island, but for planning you need a submarine worth two million dollars, but the first successful robbery will bring you almost the same amount.


Raid on Cluckin Bell


A new robbery, although in reality it is a small evil for the sake of destroying a big evil.

A large cartel uses the Cluckin Bell diner to produce and sell drugs, and their cover is the police department, which is located across the street.

Vincent, who is a police officer and hates this scheme and does not enjoy authority in the station, therefore turns to you for help and agrees in advance with Martin Madrazzo to sell him all the cocaine he has extracted. So you will receive money, and Vincent will receive authority and clean up the criminal element within his own people.

You need to collect full equipment and rob the newest and most current raid in GTA 5, which can be completed alone.

First, attack the underground companies that are engaged in money laundering and destroy the bandits to get GTA 5 dollars online and use them as an investment in your robbery.

Next, you need to find a laptop and a decoder from cartel members using the photo that Vincent will send you and the command post.

You need to look for the laptop near the slot machines, but don’t just try to steal the laptop – the enemy will still raise the alarm, so feel free to knock him out and calmly leave the area.

You will find the command post by the sounds of drones flying above it, but they will be attacking, so immediately start destroying them and only then will you have the right to go inside and take the decoder.

The next stage will be the theft of a train and the clearing out of cartel soldiers.

Deliver it to Vincent and at the same time switch the simofor signal, otherwise the train will automatically stop, and the cartel soldiers will be able to shoot you.

The next two tasks will be devoted to obtaining equipment that you will use during the raid and transport.

You must choose one of three points, or all at once, so that at the decisive moment you have the right to choose.

The last preparatory stage will be entering one of the warehouses and stealing the access activation card.

Be careful – if you raise the alarm and do not erase the access cameras, then during the main assault, you will follow an aggressive assault scenario.

If you act secretly and erase the cameras, then the cleanup will be faster and safer.

The main stage will require clearing the warehouse and taking out all the cocaine that you find and escaping to the FBI warehouse, where Vincent and the man Madrazzo will be waiting for you, who will immediately give you your payment.


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