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How to choose the best boxing gloves?

For a boxer, boxing gloves are like an extension to their hands and their body. The chief function of the glove is to provide a cushion to the boxer’s hand and also to protect the opponent from getting a serious injury. 

In fact, boxing only allows combat through fists so boxers make sure that they find the right boxing glove to use. Also, people choose their boxing gloves depending upon the level they are in. An amateur fights with a lighter glove while the professionals practice with the heavier ones. 

Comfort also plays a major role when you think of a boxing glove. It has to fit right and be durable at the same time.  

Things to look for while buying the best boxing gloves –


  • Your present level of boxing.


If you are someone who is relatively new to boxing or if you have just enrolled in boxing classes then, we suggest you not go for very expensive gloves. The reason being, you still have no idea about the sport and you also might not take up boxing in the long run.

So, it is a better option to go for budget gloves. 

Another thing you should look for while buying boxing gloves is proper ventilation to reduce sweat and good amount of cushioning to avoid injury or hurt. 

For the professionals who train multiple times a week, we suggest high-quality gloves made of synthetic or leather depending upon the availability.  As gloves tend to have wear and tear after a few months, it is highly imperative that you go for a durable glove that will last longer. Also, consider a good heavy bag stand. Do a search for the best heavy bag stands before jumping into a purchase.


  • Dimension of the glove.


Proper boxing requires the proper type of gloves. But how do we know which size is proper for us? 

Firstly, go for gloves that fit right. This means that the glove should not be too loose or too tight. There should be ample space for your palms and fists to breathe.

Furthermore, boxing gloves have a size chart that is represented in ounces (oz). The higher the weight division of the boxer, the more the weight of the gloves. 

Therefore, a person who is 50kg in weight does not use gloves used by an 80kg heavyweight boxer. Weight determines the size and the weight of gloves you wear. So, it is recommended to measure your weight before you set off to get a new pair of gloves.


To Wrap It Up

Also, if you want to select the right size of boxing gloves for you then you will need to measure the circumference of your fists. To do this all you need is a tape and you are good to go. 

Below is a measurement guide that will help you select the best boxing gloves for you – 


BODY WEIGHT          Glove weight.

0 kg – 50 kg — 6 oz.

51 kg  – 63 kg — 8 oz.

64 kg  – 74 kg — 10 oz.

75 kg – 90 kg — 12 oz.

90 kg – 120 kg — 14 or 16 oz.


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