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How to Make Travel Videos for YouTube

There is no doubt that video marketing is one of the best ways to restore traffic to your travel Youtube channel. Traffic is the name of the game. Without a constant flow of it, your sales are likely to fail. Plus, the video helps you communicate with your customers in a whole new way. If people can hear your voice or see your face, they are more likely to engage with you because that builds a sense of confidence.

Creating and marketing a travel video can be a daunting task if you haven’t done so before. There are so many easy ways to create videos these days, which makes it logical to take a look at the options available. Vacation photography can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Here are some helpful tips that will help you capture better travel videos for your next vacation.

Know your audience

Before you leave, ask yourself who you plan to show the video to. Are you going to create a travel series on Youtube? Are you sending it to the travel channel? Will it appear to your friends and family? Once you know who is looking, it will be easier to keep the same look and feel. You will also know what kind of things you need to photograph. If you want to create a more professional video, you are more likely to have a conversation with your camera than if you were just filming trying to capture the general atmosphere of the experience.

Use a tripod

This is important. There’s nothing worse than shaky video, and most cameras don’t perform well in your hand. A tiny tripod can make a big difference to the quality of the video you record. Although most video cameras have anti-shake features, they can do just as much. The heavy-duty camera is more stable, but most consumer cameras do not carry enough weight for consistent manual use. Don’t forget to group your shots with the rule of thirds.

Learn more about your camera

If you haven’t purchased a camera for your trip, do an internet search to find out how you can get the features you want without breaking the bank. Once you have your camera, you will want to practice with it as much as possible until you know how it works.

Have the right equipment

Depending on your equipment, you may want to consider getting the right luggage for your equipment. I highly recommend taking your camera onboard as it can be your most valuable and best asset. If you are starting to go further and bring heavier gear, I also recommend that you have wheeled luggage. You can also use your heavy, padded clothes for protection.

If you have been travelling and photographing for a longer period, you are probably using up all the space on your memory card. With a laptop, you can easily transfer and organize your footage. I suggest a lightweight and inexpensive laptop for this purpose that can fit in your carry-on luggage. If you are bored, you can review your recordings or watch movies on the plane.

Bring memory and strength

Whatever type of media your camera uses, it brings a lot of it. Be it tape, memory cards, or something else, it never hurts to have that much. Don’t forget to charge the camera. A standard wall adapter should work, but you’ll want to check the specifications that came with the camera, as not all the batteries are the same.

Sound and lighting

Sound and lighting are also two of the most important tools in your arsenal. SLR cameras can shoot well in low-light conditions, and the lens they use also plays an important factor. I have learned from experience that if you are in a restaurant or nightclub where the lighting is very low, you may need to provide additional lighting. I love using an LED light strip attached to the top of my SLR camera, it’s sturdy and adjustable.

Voice is the most important factor for a professional travel video, especially if you will be recording your comments during your trip. Usually, the microphone that comes with the camera is not sufficient to capture high-quality sound. There are external microphone upgrade options for the SLR camera. One is a wireless microphone system and the other is a Rode VideoMic Pro shotgun microphone.

Make videos that can be shared

Another great aspect of creating videos is that they can be easily shared. With all social networking opportunities now available, people can transfer your videos so that they spread quickly. If you focus on creating high-quality interesting videos, you can create the next awesome viral video that travels across the internet world.


Enjoy! Don’t get so lost in photography that you forget to enjoy your vacation! There are many picturesque moments on every holiday. Use movie editing software, to sum up, your vacation in one go once you get back. With a little practice, you’ll soon be making world-class travel videos. Make your video interesting and spark curiosity. If you do, people will be tempted to click through to your YouTube channel to see what you have there. Usually, a video showing how to do something is very popular. People are always looking for useful and free advice and information on the Internet. Instructional videos are probably the easiest type of travel video to create, as you simply need to showcase a product or something you know a lot.


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