IMMAF Registers For Action in Switzerland

IMMAF continues it’s quest for Olympic recognition. Today, the organization has completed the registration process to become a non-profit organization in Switzerland, the epicenter of the Olympic Movement.’ Yesterday, IMMAF announced that they have received 10,000 signatures on their ‘MMA Is A Sport’ petition.

Today IMMAF President, Keith Brown, stated that, “The move means that IMMAF’s official office is registered in a location closer to the majority of International Federations, with Switzerland known as the epicentre of the Olympic Movement.”

IMMAF has been working since 2012 to become recognized by the IOC to get amateur mixed martial arts into the Olympics, like boxing, wrestling, judo, and other combat sports. The addition of MMA requires agreement by the IOC, WADA implementation and much more. In 2012, IMMAF was founded in Sweden where has been based until now.

Brown continued, “The move reflects IMMAF’s ambitions for MMA to be recognised as a sport by the Olympic Movement.”

IMMAF Struggling to get Official Recognition

The GAISF has been an opponent to getting MMA in the Olympics, rejecting the application twice now, attempting a third time. GAISF had news leaked that IMMAF’s application was rejected in October 2019, which they refuted. GAISF wrote to its members to ask them to formally raise objections to MMA being in the Olympics.

The battle rages on for Olympic accreditation and will likely continue deep into the 2024 Olympics in Los Angeles and beyond. While the battle is long, if successful, will see the next addition of combat sports to the Olympics since karate was added to the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. MMA fans are clamoring for a boxing-like competition.

If you wish to sign the MMA Is A Sport Petition, click the link here.

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