Music Fighters Train To

Jabs and Jams #7: Music Fighters Train To

MMA fighters are always going full bore with arduous training. Motivation can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis but music is a sure-fire means to conjure up those feelings. The fuel to push through those last few reps, that last 100 meters of your run, or that last sparring session of the day. These euphoric feelings can come from genres of all types and fighters sure train to some eclectic tunes. This is Jabs and Jams: Music Fighters Train To.

Music Fighters Train To

Derek Anderson

“I’m a classic rock guy, man. Rolling Stones or something like that…I get a little bit heavier with Deep Purple or something like that. A little Judas Priest. I just like some good old jams you know…I came out to a couple of Lynyrd Skynyrd songs. That always pumps me up real good. I’m not the conventional Calfornia kid. I’m more of the other side of society. Not so much pop culture but maybe back in the day pop-culture type of stuff.”

Justin Lawrence

“Dominick (Cruz) likes a lot of that rap stuff so he’ll put on that. I like Pantera. I’ll get action on that stuff. But it doesn’t matter, I’ll listen to just about anything. I like the heavier metal.”

Javy Ayala

“I pretty much listen to anything. But in the gym, it’s more newer hip hop and newer rap. It kind of helps motivate me a little bit better. But I listen to country music, alternative…Not that modern. I’m not sure into the brand new rap guys. But kind of like…I like Drake. I’m a big ol’ fan of Drake. Big fan of Post Malone. Actually I walked out to Post Malone against Roy and this next one is going to be Post Malone again (Kongo fight). I’m a big fan of him. Congratulations

Music Fighters Train To. Transcriptions courtesy of Bowks Talking Bouts

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