Jack Black teaches Stephen Wonderboy Thompson the Kick of Destiny

Jack Black teaches Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson the “Kick of Destiny”

Two worlds have FINALLY collided as UFC welterweight star Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and the comedy rock duo “Tenacious D” fronted by actor and comedian Jack Black met in Wilmington, North Carolina last month.

One of the bands most famous songs, “Wonderboy” is the official walkout song that Thompson uses as he makes his way to the UFC octagon.

Mixed martial arts fans have been asking for Tenacious D to perform live at one of Thompson’s fights, but that suggestion has not yet happened. Instead, after learning of Thompson, Black and the former UFC title contender have formed a friendship.

While at the show last month, the band documented finally linking up with the mixed martial artist, and even teaching him a move or two, including the “kick of destiny.”

“Okay, so, Wonderboy, what you wanna do is you wanna snap it – f***ing [Black kicks his leg in the air]. But you never take your eyes off target. Locked on, target!”

Check out the clip of Tenacious D meeting Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson below:


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Thompson will meet Kevin Holland in the main event of an upcoming UFC Fight Night on December 3.

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