Jakori Savage

Jakori Savage: From the Gridiron to the MMA Cage

Many will say you need a “champion’s mindset” to be successful in the world of MMA. With TWebb MMA‘s future heavyweight contender, Jakori Savage, the championship mindset has already been adapted. Savage was apart of the 2019 LSU National Championship football team and has a championship ring to show for it. Savage has hung up the football pads and dawned the “four-ounce gloves.” In his most recent outing in the cage, Savage showed his skill-set is up to par with his name, “Savage” striking and devastating knockout power.

From the Gridiron to the Cage

“I had an opportunity to develop so many valuable mindset skills during my time at LSU. The biggest one that comes to mind that transfers over into MMA is ‘Press On’.. meaning, regardless of whether you win or lose, having the ability to step back and view your performance objectively,” Savage told MyMMANews. “Taking note of what you did well so you can do it better next time. And taking note of areas you can improve on so you make the necessary adjustments. Pressing On leaves room to learn and grow for future competition. And I plan on fulfilling my full potential.” 

Jakori Savage National Championship game-Mark J Rebilas – USA TODAY Sports

Savage, just recently finishing his football career, has only been training combat sports for about a year. Under the tutelage of Louisiana MMA iconic retired-fighter turned coach, Thomas Webb, Savage is in some of the best hands possible to grow and become a dominant Louisana MMA heavyweight. Webb runs the T-Webb MMA fight team out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Many of the fighters compete on the Louisiana-Mississippi regional scene time and time again for championships.

Looking Solid in First Cage Battles

Still a rookie to the sport, Savage has already competed twice in competition with a 1-1 record to start off. With only about a year of training, he has looked solid. In his most recent showing at AKA 13 in February 2021, Savage earned a second-round TKO stoppage 52 seconds into the round. Savage has an ora around him in the cage where you just know he can be a special talent. He has stated he wants to remain active on the Gulf Coast regional scene. Doing so, he will get in a lot of solid work.

Savage looks to be taking hold of his MMA career and wanting to make a serious push towards becoming the best fighter possible. Louisiana is known for training and supplying the MMA world with some of the absolute best fighters in the world. Is it possible Savage can become one of the state’s best big-man prospects? “The goal is to be a professional MMA fighter by the time I’m 25, go on to compete with the most skilled fighters in the sport, and eventually have the opportunities to build and collaborate with people to make a genuine positive difference in the world. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to improve and grow as a person and athlete,” stated Savage.

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