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Jared Revel to “Take Full Advantage of the Moment” at BFL 77

Jared Revel defends his BFL Middleweight Championship versus Bruno Santos at BFL 77 on June 9th.

Revel appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss competing in front of UFC brass at this huge weekend for Canadian MMA, clashing with another UFC vet this time out, plus so much more. Excerpts from the chat are below.

Jared Revel

Being so prominently featured on a card with multiple title fights and a big part of a weekend for BC MMA and Canadian MMA by proxy

“Yeah, definitely. It’s definitely a showcase. Lots of eyes on the event. So, it’s just primed for a showcase and for a big night and, you know, to put on a show.”

Thoughts on the initial bout offer coming your way and the overall approach for this Santos bout

“Bruno’s a tough fight for sure, you know. But you know, at the end of the day that’s like what we were talking about, that’s kind of exactly what I’m looking for. To be able to get a finish over a guy like this is just going to cement that, right?… No, I think definitely to execute the game plan. But ideally, the game plan always has a finish in it (laughs). So go for that, right, that’s the goal, for sure. I think execution is just like where I’ve got to. It’s, you know, you put all the work in and make sure you implement. You don’t hesitate, you just take full advantage of the moment.”

BFL 77

The world championship fighters and surging prospects Revel is working with during this camp to ready for combat

“Like a lot of the work goes to like; I’ve been training a lot with the (Arjan) Bhullar camp, right? Like that’s who they got those guys right. We’re all bigger boys and it gives me that weight look right. Then Hunter Lee, the same guy that I’ve been training with and a guy that needs a fight for sure (laughs). He’s 1-0 as a pro but he’s a monster and that’s why nobody’s taking the fight with him. But he’s probably been my most steady training partner throughout this camp.”

“Just brings it together, right? Everybody’s gearing up. Everybody’s amped up for some big moments right. To put on shows. So, everybody’s in that championship mindset.”

If Revel is going to take in the UFC pay-per-view action live the next night after his fight

“No, it all like; one of my favorite guys Eryk Anders, he’s fighting the next night. So that kind of is definitely somebody I want to support and be around for that… I’ve went out to Fight Ready; the gym that he trains out of in Arizona. I went there for a couple of his camps for his fights, right. So put a lot of work in with him. He’s obviously helped me get a lot better. So yeah, just invested in that guy as a fighter and love seeing him do well.”

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