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Jarred Brooks: “I’d like to go up to flyweight and fight Adriano Moraes”

Coming hot off his victory at ONE 156, Jarred Brooks is amped up and ready to get on with his mission to fight for the title. He has his eyes set on current ONE strawweight champion Joshua Pacio.

Jarred Brooks on His Future

Jarred Brooks promised and delivered a non-stop pace at ONE 156. He came forward against Bokang Masunyane and took the back early in the fight, even with Bokang standing.

“I was pleased with my patience, having his back and staying there as long as I did. I wanted to wait until my arms got a little more slippery so I could get under his neck and finish it in a fashionable way.” He continues on Bokang’s heart saying, “But hats off to Bokang. It sucks to beat somebody like that because he’s such a good dude and has such a good soul and heart. So, it kinda hurts me to beat somebody that really wanted it like I do.”

Wanting to get back in there soon, Jarred Brooks has high hopes and is optimistic that he will get the shot against Pacio going forward. He likes his chances and thinks at the end of the day, he’s the better fighter.

“I see [the fight with Pacio going] like Lito Adiwang, just maybe a little bit easier. Lito is more explosive, but I’d say Joshua is a little bit more technical savvy and has more patience, so we’ll see how that fight goes. But I think it would be similar. I’d choke him out in the first or second round. Hopefully, it’ll be in the next two months so I can get a World Title and get the big belt.”

After that, Jarred Brooks is lining up a hit list that includes names in his division and above. “After that, I can go against people like Gustavo Balart, he looked pretty good today, and so did ‘Mini T’ [Danial Williams]. I can’t deny them what they want, but I’d like to go up to flyweight and fight Adriano Moraes.”

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