Jelly Roll, Kayla Harrison

Jelly Roll stops by American Top Team, Kayla Harrison calls singer “voice for the voiceless”

Jason Bradley DeFord, known professionally as Jelly Roll, is currently one of the most popular singers in the U.S.

Beginning his career in 2003, he rose to mainstream prominence following the release of his singles “Need a Favor” and “Son of a Sinner”, the latter of which won three CMT Music Awards.

The famed musician is also known for his size and facial tattoos but has recently been on a journey to shed the pounds and compete in 5k races, an inspiration to many who have followed his journey.

In a 2018 Instagram post, he shared that he once weighed over 500 pounds, calling the day he realized this “one of the most embarrassing” of his life.

“I’ve been obese since I was a small child. All I’ve ever known was being fat, and I’m f—–g miserable. I wanna sky dive, bungee jump, ride a bull, parasail, ride roller coasters, I want to LIVE a normal life and have a normal relationship with food. I fight addictions and alcoholism every day,” he wrote.

Today, UFC bantamweight fighter Kayla Harrison shared a photo of her and Jelly Roll together at her home gym at American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida.

TW: “I Am Not Okay”

Growing up, I could never find the words. It was a secret and a struggle that today I know many people face: feelings of being powerless and voiceless.

I used to think these overwhelming feelings meant there was something wrong with me. That I was broken. Unlovable. But I know now like @jellyroll615 so poignantly states, “I am not okay, but it’s all gonna be all right.”

It’s ok to not be ok. Life is a long journey full of both ups and downs. There are no promises it will be easy, but God is real. He is for you and not against you.

You’re not the only one. Hold on tight. There is hope. It’s all gonna be ok.

Thank you Jelly Roll. For being a voice for the voiceless. 🩵

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