Jillian DeCoursey Talks Mindset to Win After Invicta FC 47

Mind Over Matter for Lionheart Jill

Jillian DeCoursey picked up one of the biggest wins of her career recently when she scored a stunning, first-round knockout over fellow New Yorker, Lindsey VanZandt at Invicta FC 47

It’s been a few weeks since the highlight reel knock out happened. After a well earned break she caught up with MyMMANews to reflect on the win, and look ahead after she called for her title shot. One thing that she spoke about, was how present her mind was not only in her actions in the cage, but the week of the fight.

“I’ve done mindset stuff in the past, but never to the extent that I did for this camp,” DeCoursey said. “I actually read a bunch of books for like different mindset things for combat athletes and I found ways to apply it to my game. I think that made the biggest difference.”

It’s not like winning this way is something new for DeCoursey. Many of her wins are by decision and she does have a third round T/KO win on her record as well, but nothing as crisp and as finite as what happened at Invicta FC 47. Considering her recent losses and what she learned from them, getting back on the winning side of things the way she did earned her some bragging rights. But, in typical “Lionheart” fashion, she did not make it a point to flex dominance, she respectfully staked her claim to a title shot.

Demanding a shot is not her style, “ I don’t think you should ever demand things,” she said and added, “Because, who are you? At the end of the day, that’s like telling your boss, ‘I demand you give me a raise!’ It usually doesn’t work out so well. You’ve got to ask for things, but you kind of do it by showing what you can do.”

DeCoursey was the perceived underdog coming into the fight, so when she won the way she did, she asked for the title shot. “My hope is, I want that title shot,” she said again for this interview and that she feels, “pretty confident that at some point, it should happen. They got a card coming up in July and they’ve (Invicta FC) been pretty consistent that it’s like every other month that they’re kind of doing. So that brings us to like the Fall.”

Ideally, DeCoursey would like it to be in November but she’s already back to training and sharpening her blades for the potential fight against current Atomweight Champion, Jessica Delboni. 

DeCoursey’s more cerebral than she lets on as a fighter and this recent win seems to be just the beginning of where her mindset to become a champion can take her. Be sure and check out her entire interview above and keep an eye on her at Invicta FC

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