Joey Lowry Im willing to put it all on the line

Joey Lowry: “I’m willing to put it all on the line”

Fighting out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, lightweight (155) prospect Joey Lowry (7-0) will do battle this Saturday at V3Fights 69. The current Cage Fury Fighting Championship (CFFC) champion will take on another top prospect Zach Fears. This fight will be in front of UFC president Dana White for his series “Lookin’ for a Fight”.  Watch the fight here on FloCombat.

First of all, how did you get into MMA? Do you have any background in any other sports?
“I started wrestling when I was 5, pretty much wrestling my whole life. I got into kickboxing at 15. Then I went back into wrestling. I went 47-2 my senior year in wrestling. My wrestling coach was a professional MMA fighter so I pretty much got introduced to it by him.”

Is MMA your full-time job or are you working somewhere else as well? If not, what did you do for work before MMA?
I’m a union sheet metal worker for local 19 out of Philadelphia I work 5 days a week and I train at night 7 days a week.”

Who are you currently training with and how did you come across the camp? Also, who are some of your main training partners?
“I started training at Daddis MMA which is now Beacon. My MMA coach is Bob Peach and my strength and conditioning coach is Jerry Walsh. I train with Anthony Morrison and Alexandra Bezzera AKA “Popo” and also train with the rest of my Beacon MMA family.”
Joey Lowry

How is the cut to 155?
“The cut the 155 is easy I train hard, eat healthy, and I come prepared.”

What has been your favorite memory of your mma career so far?
“My favorite memory in my MMA career hasn’t happened yet.”

What would be your favorite striking and grappling technique?
“I don’t have a favorite technique or striking technique I just train smart, precisive and diligently.”
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One dream fight, who would you square off with?
“My dream fight would be fighting Conor McGregor for a UFC title (laughs).”

What makes you a different fighter from everyone else?
“What makes me a different fighter is that I’m willing to put it all on the line.”

Where are some locations you’d like to travel to and fight?
“I would like to fight in Brazil, Ireland or Vegas.”

Explain what a normal day is like in the life of Joseph Lowry?
“A day in the life of Joe Lowry is always being on the move. No time for idleness.”

Any bad injuries you suffered in your career?
“This is the fight business you always get injuries. It’s just about how you come back from them.”

Your set to fight for the V3 Fights promotion against fellow top prospects Zach Fears. What do you think about your opponent and how do you see this fight playing out?
“Wherever my fight goes with Zach Fears I’ll be prepared for it. If goes it 5 rounds I’ll be ready, if it’s a battle I’ll be ready.”

With Dana White gonna be in attendance and all eyes on your fight. Is there a bit more added pressure to perform well in front of the UFC president?
“I’ve already fought in front of Dana White in Atlantic City which I got a second-round knockout. I don’t care who’s at the fight I just know where I’m gonna be.”

What is your goal in 2018? Is the UFC the ultimate goal?
“UFC has always been the ultimate goal and it’s not just about me getting there it’s about me staying there.”

Watch the fight here on FloCombat

Joey Lowry V3 Fights 69


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