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John Naples discusses taking on Kevin Lynch at Fight 2 Win 119

John Naples stumbled upon BJJ on a whim when he had an old high school buddy (Eric Mann) who studied the grappling arts. One thing led to another and Naples and Mann were hitting the mats with each other on the regular. With Mann taking Naples under his wing, without knowing it showed him the gateway to what would be a lifelong journey for the elder Naples brother.

From the old school to the packed house of the 2300 Arena, John Naples will appear under the Fight 2 Win Banner this Saturday, July 27th in the brown belt division against Kevin Lynch.

Utilizing the element of surprise, Naples mentioned how you won’t find “patterns” in his game. Also acknowledging how he likes to stay “fluid” to keep his opponent guessing.

Tune in as John Naples and I go head to head to discuss his Fight 2 Win match against Lynch. The feelings he has competing on the same card as his younger, “less cautious” brother and the nerves that come with it, and so much more.

You can purchase tickets for Fight 2 Win 19 at https://nitrotickets.com/event/142/Fight-1To-1Win-1119-1Philly-10727.

You can also download the FloGrappling app or watch the event on FloGrappling.com.

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