Jon Jones – “I’m not a coke guy. I smoked marijuana, quite frequently”

For the first time since being suspended by the UFC earlier this year, former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones opens up in great detail about drug usage, the hit-and-run he was involved in, and whether or not he misses fighting and the UFC.

Jones openly speaks about what happened, and what’s next.

“I don’t drink anymore,” he said, as transcribed by Tom Ngo for 5thRound. “I don’t smoke marijuana anymore. It has been, maybe, three or four months now. It’s not difficult. I’m honestly excited to be set free from that. It took time for me to acknowledge that I had a little bit of a problem because I was able to take care of my family, I was able to win fights, I was able to pretty much hide it from the world that I was smoking pot and drinking three or four days a week.

“I was handling my life just fine, so I didn’t think I had a problem. But now that I’m completely sober, I totally had a problem. I’m upset about all the hours I spent being under the influence and all the dollars I spent getting under the influence, and I’m set free from it.”

“It’s crazy with the cocaine thing. I don’t like coke. I’m not a coke guy. I smoked marijuana, quite frequently. And people who know me, they know that about me. And I love to drink. I can honestly say, I can partied with the best of ’em. But cocaine, I tried cocaine one night, and the athletic commission is there the next day. It’s like, how in the world did this just go down? How did it happen this way? And now I’m painted as this coke head, and of course my haters would love for me to be a coke head, but far from it. I would have never been able to accomplish the things I have with cocaine, but I was addicted to marijuana. And because you can do so much while being a marijuana addict, it’s hard to admit that you’re an addict. But I was, and now I’m not.”

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