UFC 244 weigh in results and video Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal for BMF title

Jorge Masvidal takes aim at Colby Covington: “He’s one of the fakest f***ing dudes in the sport”

Jorge Masvidal sounds off

At one point in their careers, Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington were both roommates and teammates at American Top Team in Florida, but the times have changed as their respective careers have continued on. During his run to a welterweight title fight, Covington took on a persona that was known for not only his pro-Donald Trump views, but he enjoyed getting under the skin of fellow fighters, no matter who they were.

One of those fighters that Covington trash talked was his former roommate “Gamebred”, and following Covington’s failed attempt to win the title, Masvidal fired back.

While making an appearance on “The Ak & Barak Show” on Sirius XM’s Fight Nation, Masvidal was asked who his least favorite person in the sport was, and he did not shy away from giving his answer.

“That dude, I’m not going to mention his name cause right now we’re touching a platform and these motherf***ers are not known, and this is huge, man. So I’m not going to mention dude’s name so if people happen to know him, they know him. But that dude that just got his jaw broken and they were making those memes and hats about him, I can’t stand dude, man, just cause he’s so fake. And I used to know the dude real well you know, but yeah, that’s one of the fakes f***ing dudes in the damn sport.”

Masvidal would continue on to say it wasn’t so much of Covington’s act that bothers him, but it’s the fact that his act gives a perception to others that it’s okay to act the way that Covington has acted.

“What’s bother me is fine, his act is his act, but out of the millions of people that he reaches, there’ll be some other kid that he’ll impact, and that kid will think ‘Man, the only way I can pick myself up is by talking s**t about your radio show, to make my radio show better. By saying this guy can’t dress so people think I can dress.’ That’s not the way I was raised, that’s the way I think a man should behave, if I think I’m better than you I’m going to outperform you and show you. I’m not going to talk s**t about your radio show, I’m going to do a better radio show. Dudes like that, can’t relate.”

Colby Covington suffered a broken jaw in the third round of his title fight against champion Kamaru Usman, which is where Masvidal came up with his comments about his former roommate, although he would not name Covington specifically.

This isn’t the first time Masvidal refused to acknowledge someone by name as he refused to answer any questions about Ben Askren after recording the fastest knockout in UFC history (5 seconds) over Askren at UFC 239 this past summer.

While Covington made plenty of enemies during his run to a title fight against Kamaru Usman, the end result of him losing that fight has everyone else, including his former roommate speaking up about “Chaos” and the persona that he carries.

Who would win if they fought, Jorge Masvidal or Colby Covington?

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