Juli Keller, USKA

Juli Keller enjoying living the fighters’ lifestyle, re-enters the ring at USKA Fight Night Allentown

Photos by William McKee

Juli Keller, also known as ‘Julz Kay’ on social media, sees and feels the benefits from her training, and going through a fight camp.  Besides staying in peak physical condition, Keller tells me that hitting things is a big de-stresser and helps her to blow off steam.Juli Keller, USKA

“Many women are getting into kickboxing.  It helps in many ways, both physically with and mentally.  Whether it’s self-defense or just getting your mind off of things in the outside world” Keller says.

Juli has taken it one step further and has become an active competitor.  Keller (2-1) takes to the ring on March 3 at USKA Fight Night Allentown to battle Ellie Guilday.

She went from taking Crossfit classses, to punching and kicking people and has become addicted to the competition.  She gets tons of support from her team as well as her family and fiance’.  Julz is really a wonderful role model for young women.  I was at her last fight for USKA and the outpouring of love after her victory was a beautiful thing to witness as many of her friends and fans were on hand to see her perform.

Check out our full interview below.  Julz Kay promises to put on another show and give all that she has.  It’s a pleasure talking and listening to her.

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