Kacper Formela

Bytom, 05.12.2015. Gala PLMMA 61/AFC 5. Fot. Tomasz Pierzycki / Fotokorpus.pl

Kacper Formela: The Polish Featherweight You Need To Know

Fight Exclusive Night (FEN) has been a hot spot for grooming Poland’s next round of stars. With his most recent win at FEN 33: LOTOS Fight Night 5 on March 27, 2021, Kacper Formela has put himself one step closer to becoming Poland’s top featherweight. After his FEN 33 main event victory, Formela has found himself one step away from championship gold.

Finding MMA and Early Days

Like many of the greats to step into the cage, Formela was introduced to combat sports at an early age. The introduction came from a parent. “I got into martial arts thanks to Karate. My mother took me to the class at the age of 7 and this is how martial arts became my whole life,” Formela told MyMMANews. Beginning with a striking background, Formela expanding to the ground game as well to fully round out his skills. “There are many people who have contributed to my success. Starting with the Z Karate coaches, the national team, BJJ in Piranha Gdynia, and then Mighty Bulls Gdynia. My main sparring partner and friend is Sebastian Przybysz. So with him, we have the same sports dreams and we go up together,” stated Formela.

Przybysz is coming off of a hard-fought battle at KSW 59 which saw him capture the KSW bantamweight championship. With Formela having a training partner like this to battle with day after day, hard work breeds champions. Just 25 years of age, Formela is taking steps towards earning a world championship of his own. Mighty Bulls Gdynia is the best place for that in Poland.

Climbing the FEN Ranks

Prior to joining FEN in 2020, Formela began perfecting his craft on some of Europe’s toughest stages. Those included Cage Warriors and ACA. Making his professional debut in December 2015, Formela earned a record of 9-2 just before his signing with FEN. Six of those nine wins came by a finish. There was no easy test out of the gate as Formela entered the cage with the current #1 contender in the lightweight division, Lukasz Charzewski at FEN 28 in June 2020. Though Formela suffered the split-decision loss, it was at a weight of 157lbs, 12lbs more than his current fight weight of featherweight. With the quick turnaround at FEN 29 in August 2020, Formela battled at his true weight and scored the third-round TKO. Formela stated the Charzewski loss helped him improve his training and he has not lost since.

Title Contention

Remaining active and earning another win in November 2020, Formela found himself in a title-eliminator match against another dangerous foe in Damian Frankiewicz at FEN 33 in March 2021. Dominating from bell to bell, Formela earned the unanimous decision and a future date with one of Poland’s pound-for-pound best in Daniel Rutkowski. After losing his first two professional bouts in 2015, Rutkowski has gone undefeated including winning the Babilon MMA and FEN featherweight championships. A win against Rutkowski would not only give him the FEN championship but would absolutely put him on the UFC’s radar.

“For me, every fight is great. Each one is a step towards becoming a champion, be it FEN or the biggest MMA federation in the world. I am talking about the UFC. It is my biggest dream. I know that by working hard for everything, there will be time,” stated Formela. With the skill and work-ethic of Formela, it is just a matter of “when” not “if” he will achieve his dream of reaching the UFC.


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