Karate Combat Returns Sunday Night Watch Season 2 Trailer Here

Karate Combat will close out a heavy weekend in competitive martial arts when they return with their debut if season 2 Sunday night. Karate Combat is tailor-made for closed off events with no fans, but with the fun of virtual background locations and high paced karatekas in action. 

Bas Rutten and Marshawn Lynch will be your hosts for Karate Combat’s return to action Sunday night, check out the trailer above

For fans new to Karate Combat, the ruleset allows various karate disciplines the opportunity to have them face off against one another, with a rule set that is true to the roots of karate. That means no points, and takedowns are allowed. So, a Shotokan fighter can face a Kyokushin fighter to see whose karate, works best in a fight to the finish. 

For fans unfamiliar with the rules, bouts are three rounds, of three minutes each in a slope-sided pit. When a takedown happens, there are five seconds of ground and pound before the referee makes everyone stand back up and start striking again. Scoring is on a 10 point must system should it go to the judges, but season one showed judges rarely get involved since the rate of knockouts is pretty high.

Three fights will bring you your last bit of action after a heavy MMA weekend. 


For fans that were along for the ride since Karate Combat: Inception, Abdalla Ibrahim is probably the most seasoned competitor in the Karate Combat promotion. Sunday night at 7 pm EST on Karate.com or at the Karate Combat Youtube channel.

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