Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison signs with World Series of Fighting

Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison signs with World Series of Fighting

Kayla Harrison confident she’d beat Cris Cyborg if she went to PFL

Kayla Harrison wants former UFC featherweight champion, Cris Cyborg to go to PFL and move up to 155-pounds. If she does that, the Brazilian would most likely be considered the favorite, yet Harrison is confident she’d beat her.

“I think that she would fit right in at the PFL,” Harrison said to TMZ Sports. “First of all it’s 155 pounds so she wouldn’t be dying to make the weight like she does at 145 and I think that there’s not really anybody else out there that’s gonna give her – I’m gonna beat Cris Cyborg if she comes to the PFL and I don’t think any other organization can offer her that. Plus it’s a win, you fight, you move on type of atmosphere so she’s not gonna have to worry about the promoters liking her or not liking her which seems to be a big problem for her. If you win, you get to continue.”

Not only does she think she’d beat Cyborg but it is a fight she wants this early on in her career. Even though not many girls are calling out Cyborg, Harrison is an exception.

“Of course [I want that fight]. I shine brightest under the lights,” Harrison said. “The more pressure the better I do. There’s a reason I have two Olympic gold medals and it’s not a coincidence. I love the spotlight, I love to shine, I love the pressure. I feel like we grow at the edges of our experience. And when we’re uncomfortable is when we’re growing and that’s what I want to do. I want to be the best possible version of Kayla I can be.”

If Cris Cyborg does end up in PFL, Kayla Harrison says there is a nice place for her.

“Hi Cris, listen, I heard you lost your job but if you’re interested, the PFL has a very special place for you, it’s second.”

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