Kris Moutinho

Kris Moutinho looks to get another win before he heads on vacation after CES 51 on August 3

Kris Moutinho

After returning to the win column with a first round knockout at CES 50, Kris Moutinho will make a quick turnaround and fight at CES 51 on August 3. Now at 5-2, Moutinho will face another rising prospect in Da’Mon Blackshear who has a 5-1 record. After coming out healthy from his last fight, Moutinho says it was perfect timing to take another fight so quickly.”

“I’m actually going on vacation the week afterwards, it just fell in perfect timing. I get to get smashed in the face and then go on vacation. It was just perfect timing, I’m feeling good, my body is feeling good, I’m in the best shape of my life and I just get to go in there and do what I love to do.”

But before he flies off into sunny Cancun, Moutinho has to get by Blackshear who has an impressive 5-1 record. Moutinho loves the matchup and feels that he has the advantage in every aspect. As much as he wants to stand and bang, he says he is more than comfortable on the ground, especially having wrestled for eight years now. He believes this fight will show everyone that he is a complete mixed martial artist.

“I am good on the ground, I am comfortable everywhere and I am a complete mixed martial artist, and I belong against top level right now. This kid is a good test for my skills.”

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Moutinho believes the person who is able to keep up a fast pace through out the fight will win, and he believes he is that guy.

“I feel like he’s the type of kid who goes real hard in the first round. And I’m not someone who gets tired. I have good wrestling, I know how to push the pace, I don’t think he makes it out of the second round if he keeps going. It might be a knockout or a submission, I’ll take what he gives me. If he comes hard, he’s not getting out of the second round.”

With a win at CES 51, Moutinho would improve his record to 6-2 and he will be on the cusp of a title shot or possibly a spot-on Contender Series. But for him, he just wants to keep on fighting and he believes eventually, the UFC will call have to call him.

“I’ll just keep fighting then, keep pushing away, eventually I won’t be denied.”

Every time I’ve gotten opportunity I’ve never spoiled it, I’m just going to keep pushing.”