Kyle Thompson set for main event & title defense at USKA 105

Video interview with Kyle Thompson above

Kyle “Chicken Nugget” Thompson is one of the more exciting fighters I have come across.  Nugget oozes personality and enjoyment from his walkout to his performance in the ring.  But make no mistake, this 25-year-old backs it up with lots of talent and hard work.  Thompson will be defending his 145 lb USKA title this week at USKA 105 which is scheduled for the Signature Event Center in Brodheadsville, PA on Saturday July 22nd.

Thompson will welcome Austin Streicher to town as they go to battle in the main event.  Kyle is serious about his craft and has been to Thailand in the past to keep learning and plans on continuing that tradition in the future. First things first however as the Outfox MMA product will try to put on a show for the fans and get his arm raised again as USKA President Gary Grant puts another belt around his waist.

MyMMANews reached out to Kyle Thompson to see how he was feeling about his fight and of course to have some fun.  I asked him about his nickname and how it came about.  He tells us…

“It was supposed to be a one-time thing.  They offered me this fun fight and I got these custom shorts that said chicken nugget printed on them. I was thinking the next time I could get Burger King or something else funny.  That kind of stuck.  Random people in the crowd yelling chicken nugget.  The people love it. It’s funny.  It’s different.  Many people in the fight community take it way too seriously.  I’m trying to be the opposite of that.  Kicking ass still, but a little humor added to it.”

Please check out the full interview on the link above where we talk about his fight as well.

Kyle is loaded with energy and skill and is a joy to talk to and listen to. You can order the PPV through the website to see him in action.  He’s worth the price alone.

Kyle Thompson, USKA 105

Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson

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