Nemanja Nikolić, worst cut, MMA history

Worst cut in MMA History – Photo of Nemanja Nikolić removed from Twitter – Uncensored Here

On Saturday, at KSW 84 in Poland, Nemanja Nikolić suffered what could potentially be the worst cut in MMA history.

The professional mixed martial artist from Serbia was severely cut at the eyebrow during a fight with Bartosz Leśko.

Photos of the wound were posted to Twitter but removed for “violating community standards.”

First we will show you the end of the fight below. Then you can continue to scroll to see the picture if you wish.

We have the uncensored version below. WARNING – Not for the squeamish.

Nemanja Nikolić, worst cut, MMA history

KSW 84 Results

KSW Heavyweight Championship Bout

120.2 kg/265 lbs: C-Phil De Fries defeated Szymon Bajor via R2 submission

61.2 kg/135 lbs: #1-Sebastian Przybysz defeated Islam Djabrailov via R3 submission

83.9 kg/185 lbs: #8-Damian Janikowski defeated #6-Cezarius Kesik via decision

120.2 kg/265 lbs: #1-Darko Stosic defeated Stefan Vojčák via R3 TKO

83.9 kg/185 lbs: Bartosz Leśko defeated Nemanja Nikolic via submission (rear-naked choke)

77.1 kg/170 lbs: Henry Fadipe defeated #6-Krystian Kaszubowski via split decision

65.8 kg/145 lbs: #5-Damian Stasiak defeated #8-Pascal Hintzen via R1 submission (shoulder lock)

61.2 kg/135 lbs: #8-Gustavo Oliveira defeated #4-Bruno Augusto do Santos via R3 TKO

83.9 kg/185 lbs: Damian Mieczkowski defeated Borys Dzikowski via decision

61.2 kg/135 lbs: Patryk Chrobak and Milosz Melchert ends in NO CONTEST

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