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LFA 64’s Harvey Park: “I want to win and keep winning”

The main event of LFA 64 will see Harvey Park take on Demarques Jackson. After a trip up to Albuquerque to train at Jackson’s Acoma, Mika Frankl caught up with Clovis, New Mexico’s, “Fightbot” Harvey Park.

This interview was conducted before news broke that LFA Lightweight Austin Hubbard had signed with the UFC, changing Park vs. Jackson, from an interim to a title fight.

What was your reaction to finding out you’ll be in a title fight?
“We expected it. We had been saying before the last fight, after we won that won, we wanted a title shot. I didn’t expect it to be an interim one, I expected to fight (Austin) Hubbard or someone, but we expected a title shot.”

What do you feel will be some keys being victorious and coming out with the belt?
“Doing what I do; not being worried about what he’s gonna do, dictating the style, fighting my style fight, just being sharp. The same thing for me to win any fight to do what I do, and I’m not really worried about stifling what he does, I’ll do that with my offense.”

What would it mean, what are your thoughts on getting the LFA title?
“Next fight, I want to win, and it will mean a lot. The title is a title, but I want to win fights and I want to test myself. I want people who are going to test me, push me to my limits, and test me as a man. See what I got and push me to where, (it) tests how much till you break. The title (is an) awesome feather in the cap, but I want to win and keep winning. The title, a shiny belt ,it’s gonna look good in our gym. We’ll put it up there with the rest of them.”

LFA 64

AXSTV Main Card
Vacant 155 Title: Harvey Park (11-2) vs. Demarques Jackson
170: Anthony Adams (8-1) vs. Jason Jackson (8-3)
165: Jordan Larson (9-5) vs. Dioisio Ramirez (7-5)
155: Bryce Logan (9-4) vs. Kenneth Glenn (8-4)
185: Taylor Johnson (5-0) vs. Tyler Vogel (8-4)
170: Sam Garrett (3-1) vs. Tyler Ray (3-1)
265: Ryan Debelak (5-4) vs. Brian Peterson (3-0)
125: Robiel Tesfaldet (2-2) vs. Delfino Benitez (2-1)
155: Keith Phathaem (1-0) vs. Tyler Mathison (1-1)