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Lindsay Garbatt

Lindsay Garbatt On BTC 8 Title Bid

Lindsay Garbatt takes on Lupita Godinez in a championship bout for BTC Fight Promotions. Garbatt, the Niagara native, will surely get a partisan response at Scotia Bank Center in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The fight card goes Saturday, November 30th. Garbatt aims to capture the promotion’s strawweight title when she enters the cage at BTC 8: Eliminator. BTC 8 has quite a few intriguing MMA bouts and I have plenty more fighter features for you


Lindsay Garbatt and myself have the commonality of being Oshawa compatriots. Garbatt is a well-regarded world champion Boxer and since our last conversation had made a return to the ring in the ‘Shwa. Garbatt said, “I spent a lot of years in Oshawa so it was really nice to fight there. And just to get back in the mix. It’s my first love obviously but yeah, not one of my goals right now that’s for sure. Always got that love there and who knows? Down the road, maybe do another one.”

Garbat’s focus has been locked onto mixed-martial ars for a while now. Though she has held significant titles in Boxing, she has found herself in two prior unsuccessful bids for the BTC belt but is not dissuaded from that. Garbatt stated, “Three times lucky eh? I’m trying not to look at it like that. I’m not even looking at it like a title fight. Every fght is just as important. So just trying to keep my eye on the prize. I really want to get the BTC belt. I love fighting for BTC and I really appreciate the opportunity again.”

Garbatt is respectful of her opponent and cognizant that everybody is dangerous. She stated,  “I’m sure she’s excited about the opportunity too. But yeah a fight’s a fight. I don’t underestimate anybody. I don’t overlook anybody. I’m just happy to have an opponent, to be honest.”

Niagara Falls

To be able to fight in Niagara Falls has tremendous significance for Linday Garbatt. She quipped, “Super appreciative to be on this card. Obviously, because it’s in Niagara. I was born and raised Niagara and it’s my favorite place in the world. This is honestly a bucket list dream come true to fight there. It’s literally two minutes from my mom’s house. Even just having an opponent. If you’re a woman especially strawweight, you know it’s hard to get an opponent. Rob Veevers has been really great. I know he’s hustled for me and everybody else. Trying to make good matches. I’m just really glad it worked out.”

Lindsay Garbatt

Speaking of home, Lindsay Garbatt has found a sense of that in her training situation. Kinship among the kicks as it were. Garbatt said, “Parabellum is my home gym now. I’ve got so many awesome training partners there. Jas (Jasmine Jasudavicius) as you know she’s on the card as well. She has always been an awesome training partner. Doesn’t matter what day you show up or who’s there. You’re in a room full of killers.”

The training environment at Parabellum MMA has been amazing with many from that gym on the BTC 8 card. As much as they head into combat as individuals they all work as a collective to achieve a common goal on the exact same night. “It’s so cool and it’s so rare. When you’re getting ready with your teammates to fight on the same card. It’s been so awesome with BTC. Having these local promotions that we’ve been able to do that.  I’ve never been able to do that my whole fight career. When you’re all training together, it’s such a cool feel. Such a cool vibe.”

The Ontario MMA scene had long been dormant due to a lot of regulatory hurdles and problematic people helming key regulatory positions. Nowadays the landscape is much more favorable for fans, media, and fighters alike. Garbatt stated, “This is the place to be is with this promotion. I fought for TKO and that’s great. Hard Knocks I had to travel out West and that’s kind of out there. If you’re in the GTA, BTC is where it’s at. They’re bringing in good people for us.”

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