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Lisa Edinger, Sabrina Kelly, and Aubrey Moser join us to spread the many benefits of martial arts

With the recent tragic story of Gabby Petito flooding most media outlets, I wanted to do something to help promote martial arts so that people can become more capable of defending themselves and also benefit from the many positive residual effects that all of the different crafts breed.  I reached out to three women who are all academy owners to aid us in spreading the word why training in martial arts is beneficial for women, children, and basically any person who wants to be more ready to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Lisa Edinger is currently a professional muay-thai fighter who holds the distinction of being the first and only champion in that sport in the state of Pennsylvania.  Edinger is the former owner of Burning Spirits Muay-Thai and is opening her new place, Bucks Mont MMA Academy in December.  Lisa is a fierce competitor as well as a wonderful instructor who has been mentored by Kru Erik Karner, who is one of the most respected men in the field in this region.  Lisa is opening her new spot, Bucks Mont MMA Academy in December.

Lisa Edinger
Lisa Edinger

Sabrina Kelly is the co-owner of The Vault Jiu-Jitsu in Morton, PA along with her husband, Matt.  The Vault promotes positive vibes only and are growing rapidly in the community.  They have a large contingent of active competitors as well as packed women’s and children’s classes.  Sabrina started training at 37 years old after watching her husband competing and has become a leading ambassador for the sport in the area as she and her children follow in Matt’s footsteps.

Sabrina Kelly
Sabrina Kelly and husband, Matt

Audrey Moser is the wife of professional MMA fighter Ben Moser.  Together they have launched Moser’s Mat Club in Richland, PA.  Moser is a kind soul who would do anything to protect her family, friends or animals.  Do not let her kindness fool you as she will stand-up to anyone when it comes to bullying and taking advantage of the weak. Moser’s Mat Club has a wide array of classes in the MMA field, but we really wanted to get her view on wrestling and the advancements that have taken place for women in the sport.

Aubrey Moser
Aubrey Moser

Please check out our video chat above.  They all have great perspectives and are three special people who give back to their community and represent what is good not just in the sport, but in the world!

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