Lito Adiwang

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Lito Adiwang discusses Jarred Brooks bout at ONE: Next Gen III

Lito Adiwang tests skills against Jarred Brooks in the main event of ONE: Next Gen III. This bout transpired at Singapore Indoor Stadium and broadcasts on Friday, November 26th.

I spoke with Adiwang ahead of this contest. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Lito Adiwang

The fight being originally scheduled for April and this bout finally coming to fruition

“The April fight cancellation, I consider it a blessing and a positive thing for me. Because I checked more on Brooks’ strengths and weaknesses. Started this game and it has given me some time to prepare very well for him. So I’m very confident and very eager to face him.”

His fight with Hexigetu Hexi being canceled and besting him later on in the year. If there’s a certain level of benefit to getting to game plan more with cancelled contests that eventually get re-booked

“So the thing is, I develop more on my game. That cancellation gave me more experience… Those fights give me more experience. It has given me more gain to face Jarred Brooks.”

ONE: Next Gen III

Who Lito Adiwang is working with at Team Lakay for this upcoming Brooks fight

“So I’ve got a lot of training partners leading to this fight. One is our strawweight champion Joshua (Pacio)…All the flyweight guys that are near in my weight. They’ve helped me a lot in this fight.”

Brooks saying previously that Team Lakay has a lack of wrestling based training partners you could work with and who Adiwang has gotten in that sort of grappling work with

“If that’s what he thinks, it’s a big mistake for him thinking that way. Because I’ve got a lot of good training partners. That are very technical in wrestling also. The base we got is Wushu. In Wushu, we do some takedowns also. So we’re quite familiar in wrestling. It’s just we needed to capitalize on how to control once we’re on the ground. So we’ve been working on that. Because Jarred thinks that way and I’m coming to prove that we have a high level wrestling skill also.”

Working with Joshua Pacio and both those guys being ranked within the top five

“Yeah, that’s the thing. We’re trying to sharpen each other and we know the level. Joshua is the champion for a reason. So working with him, you’ll definitely level up.”

ONE Championship

The manifestation feelings associated with being the ONE: Next Gen III main event contest

“Now for me, I’ve been dreaming and visualizing that. Ever since I entered ONE Championship that one day, I want to be the main event in this organization. And that’s the thing. I want to make my division as exciting as other divisions. Or the most exciting division in martial arts. So that’s one of my goals. And now it’s finally here, it’s happening. I get to headline this event, this card. Even if I’m not fighting for the title. So it’s a big blessing. Before a few years back and just visualizing these things.”

Lito Adiwang continued, “Honestly when I visualize these things, headlining ONE Championship before, I was thinking that I can only become the main event of ONE Championship if I’m fighting for the belt. Suddenly this thing happened and this opportunity came. That I’m fighting for the main event without even the belt. So that’s a big boost and a big thing for me. Because I’m the main event and there’s no title in line. For me, that’s our level now. As long as you do good, do good then you’ll reach your dreams.”

ONE Circle

ONE Championship’s strawweight class being in a healthy vibrant place 

“Yeah, for now, I am happy. The strawweight division is very healthy right now. Like Jarred Brooks is coming in. We got tough opponents here, top athletes. I love it because in our division, it won’t get dull. It’s always an exciting matchup it the strawweight  fighters go with each other. So I’m happy that I’m in this division.”

The overall thoughts on Jared Brooks, some of his wrestling stylings, and what he brings to the table as a fighter

“So basing on what I’ve seen from his fights, he does really well this explosive kind of wrestling. So he is very good on that. But I think this is MMA. This is not wrestling. He uses his wrestling very well to win his opponents. But I really believe that I put in the work on how to handle his wrestling. How to counter it and stuff his wrestling.”

Parting thoughts for Lito Adiwang

“Just want to thank everyone for their support. For my real fans out there who keep pushing me. And to our OFW’s, Filipino workers outside Philippines who are sending their messages. Saying that they have been inspired by us. I got a message for them saying that, just hold on…Your hard work and sacrifices will be fruitful someday. So just work hard, work smart, and be safe wherever you are. Bring out the Filipino spirit. I know it’s hard to sacrifice leaving your family just work to outside Philippines. But this is for a better future. Be strong, keep that Filipino fighting spirit high. Keep safe always and God bless.”

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