Live MMA on Long Island: MMA Platinum Gloves 7 Results

St. James, NY – MMA Platinum Gloves delivered their seventh show Saturday night, November 1, 2014.

The event returned to The Sports Arena in St. James, on Long Island.  Fight of the Night Honors went to the Ryan Castro vs. James Gonzalez bout while Nyko Harrynarine earned the Performance of the Night award.

Harrynarine took home the Performance of the Night Honors with his impressive first round victory over Paul Thimote via Technical Knock Out when the referee stopped the fight.

Ryan Castro earned a split decision victory over his opponent James Gonzalez. The two fighters battled for three rounds delivering an exciting match-up to the fans, warranting them the Fight of the Night Award.

Despite the cancellation of two bouts, the seven match-ups carried out for the fans as there was four split-decisions and three finishes, two of which were first round TKO’s and the other was a first round arm-bar submission.

The announced attendance for MMA Platinum Gloves 7 was 585. The smaller fight card compared to past events didn’t hinder the quality of the seventh establishment of MMA on Long Island presented by MMA Platinum Gloves.

MMA Platinum Gloves
The fight card official results are as follows:

MMA Platinum Gloves 7 Results

Michael Merante W 3 (Split Decision) Ryan Schappert

Nyko Harrynarine W 1 (TKO – Ref Stoppage) Paul Thimote

Ryan Castro W 3 (Split) James Gonzalez

Robert Diggle W 3 (Split) Shaquan Moore

Errol Murphy W 1 (TKO – Ref Stoppage) Tyler Fudzinski

Kevin Wall W 1 (Sub – Arm Bar) Damon Mulazzi

Dave Della Rocca W 3 (Split) Eric Finch

Fight of the Night: Ryan Castro vs. James Gonzalez

Performance of the Night: Nyko Harrynarine

Cancelled Fights
Dan Diaz (Injured) vs. Luis Ruiz

Victor Robinson (No Show) vs. Sabu Diaz

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