Silva vs Sonnen in Metamoris ? Axe Murderer Willing to Fight American Gangster in XFC; Sonnen Counters Challenge

Yesterday we have reported the possibilities of Wanderlei Silva fighting in Japan against Phil Baroni.

The 38-year old legend known as “The Axe Murderer” still holds great value to his name albeit a lifetime ban by the NSAC. On Saturday night, Silva was a color commentator at XFC International 7 in Brazil.

XFC president Myron Molotky suggested to set up the fight between Chael Sonnen and the Axe Murderer. Silva said he was willing to accept the fight if Sonnen signed. Word got back to Sonnen, who turned down the offer because he wants to honor his suspension handed to him by the NSAC, which serves until late 2016.

Silva vs Sonnen in Metamoris ?

Sonnen had another idea, why not meet up at Metamoris for a grappling match? Sonnen said he would do it if Silva is willing. We will keep you posted on this development and as where Silva will fight next.

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