LT Nelson, Duran spearheading BYB 26 in Denver

BYB Extreme may have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to bare knuckle boxing talent. But it’s not predicated on former-UFC talent. BYB takes a different route. On May 10th, that is on display. LT Nelson will be headlining and vying for his second weight title in BYB. I’m addition to that, BYB 26 will also feature Robert Duran Jr, son of boxing legend Roberto Duran.

BYB 26 will go down in Denver, Colorado and is headlined by Nelson and Tommy Turner for the vacant middleweight title. As with all BYB Extreme events, this will be pure action from bell to bell in the trigon.

BYB 26: LT Nelson, the smasher

LT Nelson may not be a household name yet. But his credentials speak for themself. Nelson is the super middleweight champion for BYB and is going down to face Tommy Turner for the middleweight strap.

Nelson holds a win over Luis Pena in MMA and has shared the ring with athletes in MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Lethwei, and boxing. Everywhere Nelson goes, he brings the heat and is out to compete in as many sports as he can.

If Nelson can break through, two belts would make him the promotion’s best pound for pound fighter. Who knows, he might even go for a third belt.

Robert Duran Jr. and the rest of BYB 26

As mentioned earlier, Robert Duran Jr. is making his bare knuckle debut, though an opponent has not yet been made official. If he’s anything like his father, he will be sensational to watch in action in combat sport’s most brutal arena.

The rest of BYB 26 will feature some of the promotion’s best. Ulysses Diaz, former BKFC contender, will be returning to action as well.

DeWitt Dixon and Art Parker are set to fight as well as appearances by Shawn Rall and Joey Angelo.

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