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Luis Felipe Melendez – Cage Wars 46 Interview

Luis Felipe Melendez joined Carroll’s Corner MMA Podcast to speak about his upcoming fight against McCullough in a welterweight bout. The fight takes place Friday, June 25, 2021, at Cage Wars 46 at The Armory in Albany, New York. Tickets can be purchased from fighters, or by visiting cagewarsmma.com/tickets.

Melendez explains how he was introduced to martial arts. His mother was a karate instructor and his father came into the gym. They met, fell in love, and got married, and had Luis. He has been training Karate since a little kid. Striking is clearly his background.

As a team member of Team Jucao, you know Melendez has been practicing grappling. Team Jucao is known for having strong grapplers in their school and tough competitors inside the cage.

While talking with Kyle Carroll of Carroll’s Corner MMA Podcast, Melendez informs Carroll about wanting to fight all different skill levels inside the cage, so that when he makes the leap to being professional he is prepared to battle everything that is thrown at him. Melendez’s ultimate goal is to become a welterweight champion as a professional.

Melendez explains his love for learning and how he never thought he would learn wrestling, boxing, or jiu-jitsu, and he loves that he’s learning those disciplines. He mentions that he’s an electrical engineer and would be doing that if he wasn’t competing in MMA.

English isn’t Melendez’s first language, but you would never know speaking with him. He’s a native of Puerto Rico and has friends and family flying into Albany to watch him compete at The Armory in Albany, New York.

If you can acquire tickets to the fights, this is a fight you want to star in your program. If you can’t attend, Cage Wars will be streaming the two-night event online. When further details about the stream become available, we will inform everyone.

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