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Mark Krumrine, the American Zombie, talks his Bulldog MMA and USKA preview

Mark Krumrine Jr

Mark Krumrine, the American Zombie, is one of the most fun guys in the sport to hang out with or just chat about fighting.  He has grown to love all combat sports and everybody who helps make them better.  I was disappointed that he didn’t get an opponent for USKA Fight Night coming up in Allentown, PA on Saturday night, July 21st.  He will, however, be ringside calling the night’s action and stepping out to corner “his little brother” Jay Haas who takes on Tyger Banks.

Check out our interview below as the American Zombie talks about his transformation from an out of shape 300 pounder, to a professional fighter and now owner-operator of Bulldog MMA located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania as well as a preview of some of the top prospects entering the ring this weekend.


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'Beautiful' Bob Meloni

'Beautiful' Bob Meloni

Commentator for Art of War Cagefighting. More than 10 years experience in the PA/NJ regional MMA circuit. Commentator/post fight interviews. Television/media/event production. The story of the fighter is what Bob loves about the sport. From the lowest level, to the highest, he only cares about the two warriors who do battle once the cage doors close. Everything else is secondary. Without their blood, sweat, and tears, he would not be here enjoying every minute.

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