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Maurice Greene Not Taking Second Chance Lightly

Maurice Greene faces Renan Ferreira in the final fight of the semi-finals for the heavyweights in the PFL 2023 season this Friday. The 37-year-old mixed martial artist has fought a lot of tough battles to get to this point in his career and he was very honest with himself, and the media in attendance on fight week. 

When he addressed the media he said, it’s normal for his hands to get clammy. “It’s a fight week thing. My hands get a little clammy because, it’s real, it’s real.”

Ferreira coming in at 6’8” is as real as they come if that’s the man anyone is facing on the other side of the cage. It’s a tough task to beat someone like that, but if Greene does, he will hold the heavyweight title for the season, and go home one-million dollars richer.

He’s well aware of what Ferreira brings to the table and he opened up and said, “I’m 37 years old. I maybe got another five years in me but I don’t want to be doing this until I’m 40. My body hurts sometimes and I got a second chance to get back in it. I won’t make the same mistake I did last time.”

The playoffs, the semi-finals in the PFL league format mean either you win and advance for a shot at the grand prize or you lose and go home. Greene’s awareness of that fact ahead of his fight with Ferreira had him open up a lot about his future and that there is more to life than money and fighting. Greatness also comes with being a champion and Greene will have his best chance at it in New York City this Friday.

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