Mic O'Brien

Mic O’Brien – Each time I fight I get a little better, still getting better

Mic O’Brien does not have the winning record that fight promoters and matchmakers look for when putting together fight cards, but he does possess determination, drive and excitement in his battles, which is why Art of War Cage Fighting promoter Mike Bickings was eager to throw him on his upcoming event.

O’Brien tells MyMMANews that despite his 1-8-1 amateur mixed martial arts record, his fights are almost always very close, and always entertaining.

“Each time I fight I get a little better, and I feel I’m still getting better,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien, who will turn 29-years of age later this week, has only been training MMA for four years but already has 10 bouts under his belt.  Predicting an amateur career of 15-20 bouts before he goes pro, the fighter says that he took a lot of fights early on that he likely should not have signed on for.

Now with a new gym, O’Brien will meet Seth Althouse at Art of War 6 at the Lanco Fieldhouse in East Peterburg, Pennsylvania on March 10.