Michael Bisping replaces Anderson Silva against Kelvin Gastelum

Michael Bisping says he was contacted to fight Jake or Logan Paul in a boxing match

Michael Bisping achieved greatness in MMA when he captured the UFC middleweight title after ten years in the organization. Having struggled for so many years trying to obtain his goal of becoming the middleweight champion and finally achieving it at 37 years old shows heart. It shows that he would not walk away from a challenge, and although Bisping is now retired from mixed martial arts, that doesn’t mean he will walk away from a challenge now.

Bisping has stated that he was contacted by Logan and Jake Paul for a boxing match. Bisping explained how this came about and his thoughts on this potential bout when he spoke in his podcast, Believe You Me.

“Jake Paul, if you want to f—ing go, Logan Paul, if you want to go, then I guess you have to put your hands in your pockets and man up,” Bisping said. “Because you’re talking shit, you’re contacting my manager saying that you want to fight. Well, guess what, buddy? I’m here. I’m going nowhere. You want to fight someone? You want to test yourself? Hey, I’m 0-0 as a boxer. You’re saying you’re 1-0, you’re 2-0, I’m 0-0.”

Bisping has never boxed professionally before but that isn’t stopping him from jumping on the bandwagon of fighters wanting to step in the squared circle with either Paul brother. The YouTube stars have been gaining popularity with their boxing skills. Logan has secured an exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Jake is seeking the likes of Conor McGregor or Dillion Danis. Even UFC champion Amanda Nunes has thrown her hat in the mix.

“At the end of the day, if you want to do this, stop playing games,” Bisping said. “You want to do it? I’ll do it. I’m here. No problem. Okay? I’m almost 42-years old, I’m a former world champion and I will take you to school, my friend. And I’ll guarantee you this. You won’t get out of three rounds. That’s an absolute fact. You won’t get out of one round but we’ll say three just to give you that little insurance blanket. If this is a real offer, let me know and we’ll do it. 100 percent. Logan Paul or Jake Paul, or both.”

Neither Jake Paul nor Logan Paul have mentioned this call out publicly and seems they have their sights set elsewhere, but regardless, Michael Bisping is ready to go whenever they are.

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