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Michael Page Says He Would 100 Percent do Bare Knuckle Boxing Again

“ Bellator’s cool so I’m staying here for now, but 100 percent yes.” – Michael “Venom” Page

Michael “Venom” Page returns to Bellator MMA at Bellator 292 on March 10. He will be facing the number five Bellator MMA-ranked Goiti Yamauchi on the main card. Page spoke to the media about his return to Bellator during Bellator 291 and was asked about his experience doing bare-knuckle boxing over at BKFC.

Last August, Page stepped out of the cage and into the BKFC ring to face Mike Perry at BKFC 27 in the main event. Page lost by majority decision but seemed to enjoy the experience overall and expressed no regrets in trying something new.

“Fun fight, fun night,” Page said of his BKFC experience. “Everyone’s controversial about the decision, I don’t really care. For me, I’ll go and do it. I’m a combat artist you know, give me a challenge I’m going to figure it out. It’s different, very very different. Every graze causes an effect whereas here [MMA] you kind of have to hit clean. It’s almost like you have elbows for hands. Everything you put out there is damaging and I had to really top it out that night, and I enjoyed it.”

Page’s background is in sport karate and he has transitioned that well into kickboxing, boxing, MMA, and now he adds bare-knuckle boxing to the list. There seems to be something about bare-knuckle boxing that still seems like it is more dangerous than other combat sports because of some of the things Page mentioned, but when asked if he would do it again, Page said he absolutely would.

“100 percent yes,” Page said about a return to BKFC. “ Bellator’s cool so I’m staying here for now, but 100 percent yes.”

For now, Page will have to prepare for the submission specialist in Yamauchi and while seeing him return to Bellator should be fun, don’t be surprised if he tries BKFC again.

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