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Mike Perry (right) - Photo by Nick Vespe for Bare Knuckle FC

Mike Perry calls for boxing fight against Jake Paul following win over Michael Venom Page at BKFC 27

Since he’s departed ways with the UFC, Mike Perry has been on a roll in his combat sports career, specifically in bare-knuckle boxing. Since making his debut earlier this year with BKFC, Perry has picked up two victories in as many fights, both coming over MMA fighters Julian Lane and most recently, former Bellator interim welterweight title challenger, Michael Venom Page.

Mike Perry defeated MVP in their fight at BKFC 27 this past weekend by way of majority decision after they went to a sudden death sixth-round following the initial five rounds being ruled a majority draw.

With serious momentum behind him in the boxing world, Perry used his post-fight interview to call for a fight against Jake Paul, and on Wednesday, he expanded on that callout during an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

When asked about wanting to fight Jake Paul at this time, Mike Perry laid out several reasons why the fight would make sense, from the timing of it all to the stylistic matchup between them.

“I think it makes a lot of sense. He keeps losing opponents, I always show up for my fights. I have a lot of the attributes he likes to compete against: UFC fighter, MMA fighter, shorter guy, smaller in weight, tough, and some people would stay or don’t move my head. And I just beat a titan in combat sports, so if you want to solidify yourself, you want to prove it to yourself and to people, then box me. You’ve already sparred me so if you think you got something on me, then prove it, back it up.”

Not only does Perry believe there are stylistic reasons for Jake Paul and him to fight, but also believes a there’s big push from fans who want to see the two of them fight each other in the boxing ring.

“The world is commenting on it, tagging him saying ‘Where’s your response?’ I was just on TMZ and they were like ‘If Jake’s watching this what do you say to him?’ and afterwards I’m like maybe I should’ve said ‘Screw you, Jake.’ but I didn’t, I was like ‘I’m here, buddy. Come and get me.’  I feel like I don’t need him, I don’t need him. MVP was huge for me, that makes me feel great about myself. I’m just a great fighter who still loves to fight. I’m all about fights. And Jake’s been doing great, I’m happy for him and all his success that he’s had. I want to fight great guys, great fighters, Jake has done well, and he promotes really well and I think we would do a great job promoting, talking to each other.”

Mike Perry has never been one to shy away from opponents or bite his tongue when it comes to opponents or promoting a fight in his career. With his continuing momentum on the rise, this could be the most opportune time for a fight between “Platinum” and Jake Paul to be made.

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