Buckingham Palace, Bare Knuckle, Mike Perry

Michael ‘Venom’ Page and Mike Perry face-off outside Buckingham Palace

Following their first face-off outside Buckingham Palace, Michael ‘Venom’ Page (MVP) and ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry met the London media on Tuesday afternoon at the Kick-Off Press Conference ahead of their highly anticipated showdown in the main event at BKFC-27 London set for Saturday, August 20 at the OVO Arena Wembley. The press conference was hosted by BKFC President and Founder David Feldman with special guest attendee, BKFC Ambassador and former two-division world champion David ‘Hayemaker’ Haye. The master of ceremonies was longtime combat sports journalist Gareth Davies.

Also, on hand were welterweight contender Connor ‘Brum Town Bomber’ Tierney and heavyweight contender Mick Terrill who will be fighting at BKFC-27 London. Tierney will clash with Joe ‘Hitman’ Elmore with Terrill facing Sam ‘The Hillbilly Hammer’ Shewmaker.

Below are quotes from the participants;

David Feldman, President and Founder of BKFC
“This is the first sanctioned bare knuckle event in London for over 150 years and really the first legally sanctioned and regulated bare knuckle fight in London history. I am very excited to be here.

“We’re going to do some really big things with BKFC here in the UK and to make our UK debut in the famed Wembley Arena is really something else. It all started here in the UK so to bring it home but in a modern way is very exciting.”

Feldman on the main event fight:
“I was thinking about a headliner for London and I asked my friend David Haye who would be good for it. He suggested MVP. So, we talked to Bellator and we were able to get MVP released for this one fight.”

“I think we have one hell of a main event for our UK debut. This is the most anticipated fight that nobody knew they wanted and now it’s here, everybody wants to see it. MVP vs Mike Perry, bare knuckle, no gloves, in London on August 20? I’m very excited for that.”

“This event will be seen live in over 60 countries and we truly are the fastest growing combat sports promotion in the world. Tickets are moving very fast and we expect this event to sell-out.”

Michael ‘Venom’ Page MVP
“Mike Perry is going to come forward, he’s an aggressive fighter. But I’ve been in front of many [aggressive fighters] – very few have been in front of fighters like myself, because there’s very few of us. I’m a walking Rubik’s cube and a lot of people are too stupid to work it out.”

“He hits hard but it’s only a hard hit if it lands. I come out of fights unscathed. I’m a sniper, I pick my punches. These kinds of fights, this style, suits me very well.”

On how the fight came together
“David Haye is a good friend of my coach and he presented this opportunity to him. It just so happened to be around a time where I’d been told that I wouldn’t be able to fight for a while. It was perfect timing.”

“I didn’t think Bellator was going to go for it but they were happy to let me fight during a period I was going to be inactive for them, so I think that’s a big statement for them as well. These kinds of collaborations should be happening more regularly and I think BKFC are the front-runners in making these kinds of things happen.”

On how his karate-based style will translate to bare-knuckle
“I’m a walking highlight reel. It doesn’t matter what I do, I’m going to make noise, I like to make noise. So, when I step in for this fight there’s going to be an exciting highlight reel, definitely. ”

“When I went over to boxing people were saying I would struggle without certain tools. There are horror stories in certain boxing camps about me going to their gym. I can box. It’s not an issue, me not being able to use my legs. I have knocked many people out with my hands.”

“I already know I am going to enjoy it and you are most likely going to see me fighting in BKFC again I’m sure. But for now, I am going to focus on this fight.”

‘Platinum’ Mike Perry
“I give the fight business real fights. I go forward and put the pressure on, I take hits but I eat them like candy. I am looking forward to fighting MVP, he’s got a surreal highlight reel. We both knock people unconscious, we’ve both had very entertaining careers. But the best fighters in the world, they don’t want no problem with me inside that [bare knuckle] ring, I guarantee you.”

Perry on fighting in England
“It was only right that the Queen called my people and said it’s the year of the Platinum Jubilee and it’s only right that we have ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry out here. She’s great, last time I talked to her she was doing really well. So, I’m happy to be here in London – it’s UK vs USA but UK fans are the best fight fans on the planet, I can’t deny it. This side of the globe really gets in there and supports their fighters.”

Perry on his plans to break Page’s hands with his forehead
I don’t want to scare you away MVP. I am grateful for the opportunity to fight you, you have a great name and you’ve had an awesome career. I am going to break your hands with my forehead. I am going to put pressure on you constantly and there’s going to be nothing you can do to get me off you. I am going to be constantly in your face throwing heat.”

David Haye, BKFC Brand Ambassador
“I love fighting, I’m a combat sport fan. The demographics want action, not 12-rounds of boring boxing, they want knockouts and that’s what BKFC brings.”

Gareth Davies, Master of Ceremonies
“The city of London holds a special place in the history of prizefighting and pugilism. For several hundred years, London was the pinnacle of the prizefighting circuit. If you were a champion in London, you were a champion of the world. Legendary names like Jack Figg and Daniel Mendoza fought their way into the history books in this city. BKFC is bringing the sport back to its spiritual home on August 20 – and tickets are expected to sell out quickly.”

Connor ‘Brum Town Bomber’ Tierney, BKFC Welterweight Contender
“I’m glad to be here and looking forward to August 20. This is the fastest growing combat sports promotion in the world and I’m thrilled to be part of it.”

“After I beat Joe Elmore on August 20 I want to fight Luis Palomino, I’m a future 165lb. superstar.”

Mick Terrill, BKFC Heavyweight Contender
“I didn’t really do as well as I should have last time. I’m a fighter and I want to fight every month. We’re both coming off losses so we’re both going to come forward with heads banging and see who moves forward in the sport.”

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