Miles Lee

Art of War 6 hosts the MMA debut of Miles Lee

Several months ago, I was covering USKA Fight Night Philly when I strolled over to talk to my guy, Zak Kelly about his teammates from Gracie 717 that were on the card that night.  Kelly was there to work their corners and is a 4-0 pro MMA prospect, himself.  I noticed that he had a 190 lb. debut fighter taking on an undefeated 3-0 Sean Morgan.  I had seen Morgan fight a couple of times already and knew what a high level talent he is.

Zu Anywanu and Miles Lee
Zu Anywanu and Miles Lee

“When USKA called me looking for a 190 lb. fighter, I immediately was happy because I wanted to get Miles Lee in there.  Irv Althouse said are you sure you want to put a debut fighter vs Sean?  That’s the kind of confidence I have in Miles.  He’s a super athlete, and I think he is going to be something special. I know he will do just fine.”  Kelly told me.

Lee lost a decision, but held his own and would use it as a learning tool.  Morgan has gone on to become the USKA Cruiserweight champion. He is the real deal.

Miles now will start his mixed martial arts career on March 10 at the Lanco Fieldhouse for Mike Bickings at Art of War 6.  He will battle another fighter making his debut in Sean Glass.  I got to chat with Miles and talk about how he became enamored with MMA, his path to Lancaster, and how he looks at this fight.  Please listen in below.

MyMMANews will be cageside doing commentary, up to the minute results, and a full recap.